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Winchester SX3 - 20 Gauge

New & Unique Products

Winchester Repeating Arms

The exciting news in shotguns from Winchester Repeating Arms for 2010 is the introduction of the Walnut Field SX3 20-gauge semi-auto model. The new 20-gauge SX3 includes all the features of the SX3 design 
in a lighter, softer-shooting model. Available in 26" or 28" barrels with gunmetal gray Perma-Cote UT finish. SRP: $1,199.


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Prolix Total Gun Care Product

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PJL Industries
PO Box 1466
West Jordan, UT 84084-8466
1-800-248-LUBE (5823)
Fax: 801-569-8225

Non-petroleum based solvent/lubricant for firearms

“PrOlix is a penetrating solvent that has been developed over many years, used in industry, and rated the safest, most effective agent. Based on citrus technology (it has a pleasant, mild smell...

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Federal Home Defense Loads for 2010

New & Unique Products

ATK/Federal has joined the crowd and announced new "Home Defense" shotshell loads for 2010

Their press release states the following:

Personal Defense® Shotgun

This year Federal Premium® is introducing three new 2.75" loads designed especially for home defense.

These have been tested extensively and are proven to be excellent loads to protect you and your family. Two new 12-ga options are available in...

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The World's Lightest Auto-Loading Shotgun

New & Unique Products

Benelli is getting ready to introduce yet another new shotgun. It's described as, "Sleek beautiful and Italian and the world's lightest auto-loading shotgun."

On January 19, 210 the shotgun will premier at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and simultaneously on the Benelli web site.

We are truly in the "Golden Age" for shooters and hunters.

For a preview, go to

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Winchester Home Defense Shotshells

New & Unique Products

Winchester Announces New Shotshell Personal Defense Ammunition
Winchester® Ammunition launches the most innovative line of personal defense shotshell ammunition in 2010 with two new products: the Supreme Elite® PDX1™ shotshells in 410 and 12 gauge.Both loads deliver threat-stopping power and offer customers more ammunition choices for personal defense.

"Winchester is a leader in technology and...

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