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Dangerous Game Machine Rest

Product Tests

Product Test

Dangerous Game
Machine Rest

193 West Hills Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746

The effects of recoil on the human body are little understood and not often discussed in depth in any shooting publications. We may hear a comment here or there about how a certain firearm really rocked the shooter or when a new recoil pad hits the...

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The all new Maxus autoloading shotgun

New & Unique Products


Haas Outdoors Inc. PO Box 757, 200 East Main Street, West Point, MS 39773 662/494-8859 Fax 662/494-8742
July 2009

Browning Maxus Shotgun

Browning's New Maxus Semi-Automatic Shotgun:
The Most...

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Education is the Key

Advice for the Shooter

In the last 10 years we've seen a dramatic increase in the performance of shotshells and turkey chokes. The introduction of HTL shot and the competition among shotshell and choke tube manufacturers, in part due to the competitions sponsored by the NWTF, to produce better products has worked very well.

With any product that both increases range by increasing the retained energy of the projectile,...

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20 Gauge Shotshell & Turkey Choke Test

20 Gauge Turkey Chokes 20 Gauge Turkey Guns Product Tests

20 Gauge Shotshell & Turkey Choke Test


In late 2007, I was asked by several readers to test various 20 gauge turkey loads and report the results. I had earlier published some results of my tests for Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) with #7 and #8 shot and some of those results and targets can still be seen at their site some consideration, I decided to expand the tests to include a variety of...

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20 Gauge Federal Flitecontrol Wad Shells

Product Tests

With all of the interest in the new 20 gauge Federal shotshells with #7 Heavyweight shot, I thought you might like to review this article and see a target that I shot with these new shells. Read more...

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