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Clark Bush Sets 20 Gauge World Record

World Records

Clark Bush Sets 20 Gauge World Record

What does it take to set a new World Record at the Grand National Still Target Shoot Championship? On October 7, 2005, it was 32 #6 Hevi-13 pellets in a 3" circle, fired from a 20 gauge Remington 870 shotgun 40 yards away!

Clark Bush has been competing at the Grand National Still Target Shoot for years. He was there to see Roger Burrell win the 12 Gauge Open 2 years in a row. He'd seen shooters...

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Shooter's Friend

Product Tests

Field Test of the Shooter's Friend Recoil Pad

Team allaboutshooting was asked to field test the Shooter's Friend recoil pad by a fellow shooter and hunter. He'd heard about this pad but doubted the claims that were made for it.

We purchased our Shooter's Friend from a large sporting goods mail order house for $19.95 and a few dollars shipping and handling. The ad claimed that it would:


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Michigan State Still Target Shoot

Activities and Exhibits

The Michigan State Champion

The Michigan State Still Target Championship shoot was very enjoyable. I was able to spend some time with my son and daughter-in-law and shoot with a great bunch of folks. I was also very fortunate to walk away with the Open and Hunter championships.

I met a great group of dedicated shooters in Michigan. They have a wonderful facility and run an excellent program. It's an...

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World Championship Still Target Shoot 2004

Activities and Exhibits

The All About Shooting Team traveled to Georgia for the World Still Target Shoot Championship August 20 - 22, 2004.

The team took several wins in Regional Sanctioned Still Target Shoots this year and had several more wins in Georgia.

Team members advanced to the World Championship finals, after shooting on Friday and Saturday.

Clark was 1 pellet away from from winning the Championship.

Julie Townsend...

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Is the 20 Gauge a Turkey Gun?

Advice for the Shooter



Several years ago, after a conversation with Rob Keck, CEO of the NWTF, I began a quest to determine if the 20 gauge shotgun could truly be a turkey gun. In April of 2004, I published the article that follows. Since that time, I've had an opportunity to really test the 20 gauge, help design the Swarm 20 Gauge Turkey Choke and be fortunate enough to set a World...

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