Travel safe keeping your most valuable items in a secret place. A big choice of safes for vehicles will allow you to choose one that is the most sightless in your opinion and allow you to store necessary valuables.

Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV or RV, I have 8 amazing cases that will be your assistants during every day and long car trips.

It takes just a minute for a thieve to break into your car and get something important that you may have forgotten on a seat or in one of the compartments.

However, with the help of one of the vehicle traps, all your significant stuff will be at one place that you only know about.

In this article, I would like to show you small sizes safes and compartments for money, credit cards, jewelry, and medicines. There are no big safes for laptops or mobile phones presented here.

Review and comparison of 8 best vehicle safes

1. Authentic Armor All Auto Cleaning Wipes Diversion Can Safe

This portable car safe will be useful for every driver. You can place it pretty everywhere in your car and have no worries about your valuables.

The box is not big but can fit cash (notes), keys, your own medical supplies, a watch, and a few pieces of jewelry. The can for storing valuables can also be filled with napkins if necessary.

Stand out features:

  • Portable safe can be used in a car and in the house
  • Enough room for several items
  • Pros
  • Designed as a real can for wipes.
  • Cons
  • None

2. Phillips Head Screwdriver Security Container - Diversion Safe Stash Safe

This clever portable safe with a working screwdriver at affordable price will become a great purchase for car drivers. It has a pretty small size; therefore, it will be almost impossible to find this clever diversion safe in a car.

Place it in a tool box or tool kit in your car and travel with your most valuable items.

Stand out features:

  • The safe is weighted
  • Product dimensions 9.2 x 3.8 x 1 inches
  • 5 inches deep 
  • Pros
  • The safe is almost stealth but still enough roomy to hide valuables.
  • Cons
  • None

3. Car Lighter Shaped Metal Safe Secret Stash Diversion Pill Box Container

This is one of the smallest stash containers for a car that has a unique design because it looks like a real car lighter.

The safe is secure as it is made of metal. It is convenient to carry the safe, keep it in your bag, or leave in a car knowing that all your stuff is at one place. The safe is often used for medicines and other small staff.

Stand out features:

  • Looks like a real car lighter
  • Portable and hidden car safe
  • Suitable for carrying in a pocket, travel bag, purse, house, office, and car 
  • Pros
  • High-quality metal safe for small items.
  • Cons
  • Mini size is not suitable for cash, credit cards, and keys.

4. GoWesty Shift Knob with Secret Compartment

GoWesty Shift Knob with Secret Compartment for Use with Volkswagen Vanagon (GoWesty Logo)
  • Available in Three Designs - 2WD, 4WD, and the GoWesty...
  • Hidden Compartment
  • For all 1984-91 Vanagon with 14mm Shift Lever
  • Made in the USA

The car safe box is available in three designs: 2WD, 4WD, and the GoWesty Vanagon Logo. GoWesty is a unique and trustworthy American company that sells all possible car parts and accessories at affordable prices.

It is a great idea to purchase it because someone will unlikely think that you keep your valuables in your shift knob. The box has got a hidden compartment.

The safe is made of aluminum that guarantees durability. The product comes with installation and uses instructions.

Stand out features:

  • Clever safe that does not attract anyone’s sight
  • Various designs
  • Installation and use instructions are included in the price
  • Pros
  • Durable and stylish shift knob with inner space for storing valuables.
  • Cons
  • May not fit your shift lever.

5. Monster Magnetic Waterproof Case - Strong Magnet Mount Car Safe

Monster Magnetics Waterproof Case for Under Vehicle GPS Tracking, Geocache Container, Smell Proof...
  • HIDE A KEY, FOB, FULL SET OF KEYS - AND MORE! Covertly stash...
  • REINFORCED MAGNET WILL NOT BREAK OFF. Although the magnet...

This is one of the best functional hidden car compartments that can be used in any vehicle during trips. An excellent magnet fixes the safe and does not let it fall during the ride on tough roads.

All you need to do is to attach the box to any metal surface and store your goods. The most important is that the safe is waterproof, therefore, will keep your valuables dry and undamaged.

Stand out features:

  • Portable GPS tracker
  • Durable and waterproof safe for valuables
  • Super-strong magnet
  • Big inner compartment for medicines, keys, money, credit cards, jewelry, etc.
  • Product Dimensions 3.5 x 2.3 x 1.6 inches
  • Item Weight 4 ounces

Watch the video review of the product that will certainly become handy for your car trips

  • Pros
  • Strong magnet, waterproof material, roomy compartment for significant items, lifetime guarantee.
  • Cons
  • None

6. Spy Tec Weatherproof Magnetic Case

Spytec GPS M2 Weatherproof Magnetic Case for GL300 Real-Time GPS-Trackers
  • Magnetic Weatherproof Case - Provides FIRM Magnetic Mount...
  • The sturdy and weatherproof design is perfect for long term...
  • Compatible with: Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker, or other mini...
  • Includes 2 powerful magnets to attach to any asset's surface...
  • This extremely covert design measures only 3.9" x 3.3" x...

A great case that gets attached to a surface with the help of a super-strong magnet is produced by Spy Tec – one of the most famous manufacturers of surveillance equipment.

Mount it firm and load it with your valuables. The high-quality material keeps the case safe from water, corrosion, dust, sand, and dirt. The case comes with two magnets.

Just mount the box on any metal surface and keep your belongings safe from a loss. Sturdy fixation prevents the box falling even during the rides on uneven roads.

Stand out features:

  • One of the best finding for vehicles to keep your valuables safe and invisible
  • Waterproof
  • Real-tome GPS tracker
  • Excellent attachment
  • Item dimensions 21 x 19 x 20 inches 
  • Pros
  • Affordable, durable, and waterproof GPS tracker safe.
  • Cons
  • None

7. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Spytec GPS Mini GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Loved Ones, Kids, Fleets, Hidden GPS Device...
  • PORTABLE TRACKING DEVICE: Our mini gps tracker has a compact...
  • 4G SUPER SIM COVERAGE: Covering all of North America, and...
  • REAL TIME GPS TRACKER FOR VEHICLES: Whether you need a...

A small clever unit that you can take pretty everywhere with you. It is often bought for teenagers and elderly people. The device has a compact size and can be attached to a car, belt, or you can carry it in your backpack. It can be an interesting variant if you're looking for a hidden GPS tracker for car.

It costs $25 to use the Spy Tec STI_GL300 for one month without additional fees. With the help of device, you will be able to use Google Maps over the Internet.

Stand out features:

  • A great real-time GPS tracker allows you to know where your children are at any moment
  • Mini size is perfect for vehicles, backpacks, also can be attached to a belt
  • Geofencing function allows you to set geographical boundaries and get notifications when your children cross them
  • Item dimensions 0.9 x 1.5 x 2.7 inches
  • Product weight 8 ounces 
  • Pros
  • Real-time GPS tracker, small size, geofencing function.
  • Cons
  • None

8. JB Engine Degreaser Hidden Diversion Can Safe Secret Storage Container

A spray for cleaning dirty engines will never be a suspicious thing for someone who is looking for valuables in a car.

This stash can is made of a real product and will become a good purchase for you if you are looking for a secret safe to store valuables and leave them in your vehicle.

To open the case, screw the bottom off and have an easy access to your valuable stuff. The safe can also be kept at home or in an office.

Stand out features:

  • Product dimensions 9.4 x 2.6 x 1.5 inches
  • Viewless design
  • Roomy compartment for cash, keys, medicines, watches, and jewelry

Listen to what this guy says about the hidden diversion can safe

  • Pros
  • Portable safe for valuable, can be used in cars, houses, and offices, affordable price.
  • Cons
  • None

So, now you know all up-to-date safes for vehicles that will become handy for you and your family during everyday car trips as well as during long travels.

Keep your goods safe in a plain sight and do not let thieves get anything from your car.

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