November 15, 2021

The gun you carry is only as good as its holster. If the holster is uncomfortable you may not even carry a gun you like or shoot well.

The the Browning 1911-380 Full Size, has become one of my favorite pistols. It fits me and I can shoot it well with either hand. Unfortunately, it's been tough finding an OWB holster that works with it for more than a short time, without becoming very uncomfortable.

I carry the 4.25" barreled gun "cocked and locked" or Condition 1. I've had problems with the hammer spur digging into my side and other parts of my body, depending upon the position of carry. It's not a particularly small pistol for a .380 (85% of full-sized 1911) but again, it fits my hand so well, I was determined to find a holster that would work.

I tried several holsters and it reminded me of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." Some were too thick and heavy, some did not shield the hammer spur, some did not secure the pistol well and some were just very uncomfortable no matter how I wore them.

Finally I found one that met all of my requirements. It was thin and light enough. It fit the pistol perfectly and covered the hammer spur. It secured the pistol firmly and allowed several options for carry. It was quite concealable with any reasonable cover garment.

The CrossBreed SuperSlide OWB Holster was just right

"The SuperSlide is an outside of the waistband 3 slot holster that can be worn in one of two positions. Most common is the standard behind the hip with a slight forward cant. The second option is a slight reverse cant for cross draw wear. The belt slots are 1.75 inches, and can be used with either 1.5 inch or 1.25 inch belts. The design of the holster pulls the gun and grip in tight to the body, and keeps your firearm remarkably concealed under a proper concealment garment. It provides excellent weight distribution of your firearm, ensuring stability and comfort. Choose our Black Cowhide, Natural Tan Horsehide, or Founder's leather."

I've worn the SuperSlide for several weeks off and on and it has molded to fit my body. I really prefer the cross draw position. I can easily access the Browning from standing or seated positions and for me, it's just more comfortable that way. This holster is just as good as my gun.

I recommend the CrossBreed brand to anyone looking for an exceptionally well made holster at a very reasonable price.

To learn more about the SuperSlide OWB Holster and other CrossBreed products, please visit

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