November 15, 2021

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The effects of recoil on the human body are little understood and not often discussed in depth in any shooting publications. We may hear a comment here or there about how a certain firearm really rocked the shooter or when a new recoil pad hits the market, we may hear how much better it is than anything else that’s on the market. Maybe  we don’t want to discuss the effects of recoil too much because we think it will scare away new shooters or discourage older shooters from going back to the range. Whatever the reason, recoil is real and its effects are real.

Sighting in a new rifle or shotgun at the bench can subject us to all the forces of recoil as we lean into the gun, concentrate on the sight picture and trigger squeeze. If we’re not careful, it’s easy to develop a flinch that will effect all of our shooting. Okay, we all realize that but what’s the alternative?

Sand bags, thick recoil pads and devices that use weight to hold the gun in place are all familiar to us and all of them have drawbacks.

Some shooters have noted that guns don’t pattern the same at the bench as they do in their normal shooting position. Some have reported problems with scopes being damaged when using weight to hold the gun steady. Is there an alternative? The folks at Hyskore believe there is.

What if you had a way to hold your gun steady but allow the forces of recoil to be expended naturally. What if you could press the trigger without upsetting the sight picture? What if you could repeat this action time after time and sight in that hard-kicking big game rife, slug gun or turkey gun and have it ready for the hunt without getting “gunny”? The video at http://www.hyskore.com 

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About the Author Anton Scharff

Anton is a hunting expert who respects nature. Ask him anything about large game. Lover of the great outdoors.

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