Potential burglars can steer clear of your home on фseeing stickers and signs that state you have a security system in place. Thieves generally seek out residences with ease of access, and they know that security systems can be a hindrance.

Over the years, people have noticed that homes with security signs are more secure than those without such measures. As such, people now put up yard signs indicating that they have such systems in place even when they do not. However, before treading down this route, you should take some time to think about its effectiveness and risks.

The critical issue is whether you should favor fake security signs over security systems. By going through the various advantages and disadvantages of such security signs as well as alternatives to them, you should be in a position to make this decision.

The bright side of fake security signs

Let us start off with the upside of such security signs before we get to the risks involved. What do you stand to gain from such signs?

1. They are cheap

This benefit is quite apparent and one of the reasons why people opt to scare thieves away using such tricks. With only ten dollars, you can get a security brand logo, as well as security stickers to go with it.

When people compare this setback to the hundreds of dollars involved in getting an original system, they have an easy time making the decision. Hence, when you have a low budget, fake signs is the most convenient option for you.

2. Time spent in setting up.

With stickers, you can have the whole system set up in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is glue the labels to your doors and windows then plant a yard sign to the front of your house. The chances of breaking a sweat while doing so are low.

If you compare the minutes spent in placing fake signs to the number of hours you’d need to ponder over the best security systems and organizing the required resources, the former option feels like a breeze.

3. It might work

Burglars differ in nature, and some of them spook easily on seeing such signs. As such, you could get lucky and end up scaring some thieves away. However, if brazen burglars decide to take the risk, you will be in a lot of trouble.

As such, keep in mind that your chances of success are reliant on the nature of the thief and things could go either way.

What are the risks?

You get what you pay for is a saying that has been proven accurate time and time again. The ten dollars you invest today in fake signs could one day haunt you if a burglar made away with goods worth thousands of dollars.

Before you opt to buy such signs, it’s best that you know what you may be getting yourself into if things do not work out.

1. Unconvincing signs

The signs you put up may look fake in that the brands listed sound artificial or no brands are listed at all. As such, seasoned burglars will be in a position to tell that no security systems are in place and they will find their way to you.

The best thing to do would be to make sure that the signs are of high quality and that they look the part.

2. Smart thieves

Some thieves take their time when planning to rob someone of their goods. As such, once they have identified your house and seen the signs, they will look into the company name displayed on the stickers. If they find out that the company is non-existent, you will be exposed.

Such reasons are why it is crucial that the signs look the part in the first place. If they look real, most people will not give them a second thought and will be on their way soon enough.

3. Legal ramifications

You could get into trouble with the law! Some people think that they are safer if they use stickers bearing the names of reputable security companies. Though this could work and keep thieves at bay, it could land you in trouble if the company came after you for infringing on their copyrights.

4. No alarm goes off on break-ins.

Unlike in the case of an installed alarm system where it goes off when a thief breaks in, your yard stickers will not alert you of what’s coming your way. As such, if a thief makes it to your home and realizes that the alarm did not go off, they will know that they have ample time to make away with your goods.

A fake security sign may look good on your property and may give you a sense of safety, but it’s not as effective in keeping thieves away as actual security systems.


Instead of putting up fake signs and hoping that thieves will not call your bluff, you can take some steps to keep your home safe at reasonable costs. Thanks to the many options available in the market today, you can find a solution that works with your budget.

1. Home security system

Many advantages come with the installation of a home security system. They include but are not limited to protecting you and your loved ones from break-ins and alerting local authorities. The systems work to inform emergency departments of other crises such as power outages, fires, and flooding, thus providing you with a wide range of services geared towards ensuring you are safe.

The systems work with cameras that are visible to thieves, and the burglars who are willing to try and break in will face the wrath of the alarms that are in the systems.

You can also opt to use hidden cameras whose feed you can view from anywhere thanks to the various types of software available in the market. As such, unsuspecting thieves would wander into your home and find themselves trapped when the alarms went off.

If you go through the various options at your disposal, you will find that some systems allow you to have 24-hour monitoring. Some companies even go ahead to guarantee you that you will get compensation for any break-in that takes place under their watch. By investing in a home security system, you can scare away thieves before they get into your home.

For those that make it in, the alarms will go a long way in scaring them off as help will soon be there. You can check out the various features that each system comes with because conducting extensive research on products before making a purchase often helps you choose the best option for your situation.

2. Get a dog

For centuries, man has relied on dogs for security, and it is not for naught. These creatures have a profound sense of loyalty and are territorial, and this combination makes them great for use in protection. The moment an intruder makes their way into your home, the dog will start barking incessantly until the burglar takes off for fear that someone may come.

With dogs, you do not have to get the biggest there is because even the small ones can make adequate noise to scare off thieves. Other than protecting you, dogs also improve your well-being by lifting your spirits. By providing you with companionship, they reduce your chances of feeling lonely or suffering from depression.

Sometimes people opt to get barking dog alarms instead. You see, the thing with dogs is that they require a lot of attention and also use up a lot of money on items such as drugs and food. You may also lack the time or energy needed to give a dog the care it deserves. In such cases, the barking dog alarms come in handy as they present intruders with the illusion of a guard dog on your property, thus prompting them to keep off your home.

3. Wise landscaping

We love having privacy, and this preference makes people plant bushes and shrubs near their windows to achieve it. Though this may look good and give your home a feel of being in nature, it also has the detriment of providing thieves with an ideal place to hide as they make their way into your house.

As such, it is wise to cut down any tall plants near your home so that you can have a clear view of what’s near your main entrances. Thieves prefer to hide out in places where they are not visible as they map their path into your home. On seeing that they are simple to sight because of the open spaces on your property, they will look for another house with more bushes, thus passing you by in the process.

4. Motion detectors

During the night, thieves feel confident about breaking into homes because they know that their chances of success are higher than during the day when people are alert. Having motion detectors with lights on your property is an excellent idea because once an intruder steps onto your property, the lights come on and the thief will leave in a matter of seconds.

Taking the cloak of darkness from intruders leaves them feeling exposed, and they know that they are easy to spot. In the case where you have some windows and doors hidden from the street, thus making them hiding spots, use motion sensing lights such that when a thief passes by, the lights will go off.

The good thing about motion detectors is that they are cheaper than home security systems and they work well to scare thieves off at night. With only $15, you can get yourself floodlights that can serve you for ages. However, you also need to find something that works for daytime too as these are only helpful at night.

5. Alarms

These gadgets are useful and there are numerous cheap options available on the market. With ten dollars, you can get hold of a motion-sensing alarm that works on batteries for convenience. You can place these on your doors, and windows and when someone tries to open them without disarming them, they go off. The noise produced is loud enough to scare off intruders.

During the night, the alarms enable you to call the police before the intruders can enter.

6. Smart locks

Gone are the days when we relied on key-operated locks to keep their homes safe when they were out. Nowadays, people rely on 'smart locks' which enable them to lock and unlock their doors from any region through the use of an app. In a case where someone forgets to carry their key, you can help them gain entry through the use of the app.

Some locks go as far as alerting you each time someone unlocks the door so that you can know who is entering and leaving your home. Though pricey, it helps you have peace of mind as you leave your house.

Fake security cameras

It doesn’t hurt to have some extra protection, even in the form of fake security cameras. Most people assume that the cameras are working and that if they try to break in, they can be seen.
Most phony security cameras come cheap, and with only ten dollars, you can get one that could pass for the actual version. They even come with a blinking red light to complete the look. As is the case with fake security signs, seasoned burglars can tell the difference and break in.

Pretend you are home

Thieves are more comfortable breaking into properties when homeowners are away. Use this knowledge to your advantage by acting like you are around even when you leave for extended periods. Some stunts you could put to use include parking in the driveway and to make use of smart lights that come on periodically.

If you want to have peace of mind when leaving your home, invest in actual security systems which will come in handy in the event of a break-in. Other measures that you could put to use include installing a safe in the wall to protect your valuables if intruders make it in, storing your firearms in a gun safe and having pepper spray on your person.

With the various security companies on the market, you are bound to find an effective security system at a reasonable cost.

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