A common pantry item, pancakes are a delicious breakfast stable food in many homes. Topped with maple syrup or butter or fruits, they taste yummy!

You can buy pancake mixes by the pounds. But, the whole package is never used at once.

Then, how do you store pancake mix long term? Since they are a dry item, the only option is to keep the ingredients dry and seal it for future use.

It is a straightforward process where you need a basic understanding of kitchen science to implement them. Preserving a pancake mix for the long haul is quite easy.

If you want to learn how to store pancake mix long term, follow the steps below.

#1 Freeze and Thaw

Buy a dry pancake mix from any grocery store. Drop it in the freezer unopened for around three days.

While dry pancake mixes have a shelf life of about two years, freezing it before storing increases the shelf life astronomically. Cold air improves the potency of the leavening agents in the mix like baking powder.

After three days, take out the dry pancake mix packet and leave it to thaw outside at room temperature for at least two days. This prevents any scope for condensation or moisture to accumulate once it is sealed in the mylar bags.

#2 Prepare a Mylar Bag


A mylar bag is an active barrier between your food and the environment. It has revolutionized long term dry food storage possibilities since the 1950s. They are available in all departmental stores at an affordable price.

A standard family size dry pancake mix packet is 30 pounds, and you need a 5 gallon mylar bag to seal this amount of pancake mix.

After two days, open the dry pancake mix and pour it in the mylar bag. Take a clean, dry towel or a sponge to wipe the pancake mix residue from the open end of the bag. It is now ready to be sealed.

#3 Add Oxygen Absorbers and Seal

Long-term, enclosed food packaging like crackers and really benefits from being stored with oxygen absorbers. They are usually used in storing dry foods in sealed containers. They are readily available in any retail store.

The oxygen absorbers create a nitrogen environment in the sealed pack and completely remove oxygen. It preserves food quality and protects dry food from insect damage.

Around four packets of 2000 CC oxygen absorbers are sufficient for a 30-pound dry pancake mix. Please put them in the mylar bag, remove extra air as much as possible, and seal it using a clothing iron or a hair straightener.

….that’s it!

Put the sealed pancake mix packet in any dry storage area like the pantry for long term use. No source of moisture should be near the sealed bag.

If you are opening a new pack of oxygen absorbers, which typically contains around eight sachets, immediately transfer the remaining in a clean mason jar and tightly cover with a lid. Otherwise, the unused sachets will be spoiled soon.

Storing Pancake Batter

Since we are on this topic, let us see how you can store wet pancake batter. You cannot seal it dry, of course. But, you can always preserve the extra batter for later. How?

Place the extra batter in a container and cover it with plastic cling wrap. It will remain good for around 4 to 5 days. Use a pancake ladle or a freezer bag to drastically extend the shelf life of the batter.

Pour the extra batter, remove excess air, seal it, and keep it in the freezer. Add a date and time to the freezer bag. Whenever you want to use it, let it thaw in the fridge overnight. Scoop out as much batter needed, seal, and put it back in the freezer.

The batter will remain fresh for six months, at least.

Additional Doubts Cleared

If you have any further doubts about storing the dry pancake mix for the long term, the following questions will clear them.

Will the mylar bag prevent molding?

Mold needs moisture and oxygen to grow. The pancake mix is dry, so there is no moisture, and the oxygen absorbers will remove oxygen.

You can notice this change – after the bag is sealed, check after 2-3 days, and you will find the bag is no longer puffed up as it was while sealing.

For how many months or years can the mix be stored?

Mylar bags extend the longevity of dry food products for up to 20 years! A 30 pound dry pancake mix makes about 1000 pancakes.

Referring to an average family size of four people, I would say that the whole bag would finish in the next six months. So, you need not worry about the shelf life of the product.

Can I open the sealed pancake mix bag multiple times?

Yes, you can! It is the best part about using mylar bags for storing dry pancake mix. You can open and seal multiple times.

However, every time you need to follow the proper sealing process to ensure freshness. Clean the open ends with a towel or sponge, take out extra air, and seal (as explained in the three-steps above).

Will storing pancake mix make the batter lumpy?

Lumpy batter is completely normal. When mixed with wet ingredients, the pancake mix is supposed to be a bit lumpy, but it does not compromise its taste. Do not worry at all! Try whisking it for a few more minutes for a smother batter.

You can also watch the short instructional video by Alaska Prepper to get a visual idea of what you need to do.

The easy 3-step process to store dry pancake mix changes the way how you use pancake batter. You can store it for years and use when required without any risk of spoilage.

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