Mice are a menace everywhere. It’s astonishing how many people search “How to keep mice out of storage boxes.”

Mice cause a great deal of damage – they ruin your pantry, chew away clothes and books, leave nasty droppings everywhere, contaminate food items, burrow into furniture, and spoil insulation.

This is only the start. They gnaw and chew at just about anything they come across!

Luckily, there are some easy DIY ways you can deal with rodent trouble and keep them out of your storage boxes.

In this post, we will look at the excellent DIY methods that Natural Cures shares on YouTube.

I was surprised to find that all I needed to fix a potential rodent problem was already in my house!

Let’s get straight into the details so you can apply these simple methods quickly.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Aluminum foil
  • Mint oil (or alternative essential oils)
  • Soap

Methods to Keep Mice Out of Storage Boxes

Here are six ways you can prevent mice from breaking into your storage boxes:

#1 Use Aluminium Foil


Mice hate aluminum foil (I didn’t know that, either!)

And no, it’s not because you’ll be hooked up a lethal electrical charge to the foil. We’re not trying to kill mice here, but humanely keep them away.

We presume it’s probably due to the crunchy-crackly sound it makes or the foil’s shininess, and it has been observed time and time again that mice don’t stick around spots where aluminum foil is placed.

Natural Cures explains that you must locate the areas from where mice infiltrate into your home, ball up some aluminum foil, and place it by the entrance.

If you can’t find the entry points, lay aluminum foil sheets where you last spotted mice or found droppings.

Or if you just want your storage boxes to be safe, place aluminum foil sheets around them and call it a day.

You’ll see fewer and fewer mice in a matter of days (or keep them away if they ever come around).

#2 Bring on the Mint Oil


The strong aroma of the mint oil repels mice.

There are few ways to use mint oil to deter them from getting in your cardboard storage boxes:

One way to do it is by locating mice holes and placing mint plants by the entrances.

The second way to deal with mice is to dip some cotton balls in mint essential oil and spread them around the house (or around your storage boxes).

You could also collect some dried mint leaves, stuff them in old socks, and place it around your home and storage boxes.

You must be careful doing this if you have pets. You don’t want your puppy or kitty swallowing up cotton balls.

It’s not lethal or anything, but it will hamper digestion. But better safe than sorry!

If you don’t have pets, though, you can try some alternatives to mint oil, too. Cayenne pepper, cloves oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, and raw/dried garlic are proven candidates that keep mice away.

#3 Hide Some Soap


Soaps with strong fragrances scare mice away.

Collect bits and pieces of leftover soap, or buy a bar and cut it into smaller cubes.

Spread them around the corners of the house and also under the doors.

Mice will even eat these soap cubes sometimes. So you must make sure you use really strong soap for this DIY anti-mice solution.

You could also make DIY soaps — get a generic soap base, boil it, add strong, fragrant oils, and let it set.

Boom, nice-smelling mice-repellent ready.

Cut the soap up and spread.

#4 Mice Deterrent Spray

You could also create a mice deterrent spray at home.

This spray does not contain any chemicals — they’re made from hot peppers. You’ll essentially be habanero-bombing the mice, and you must be careful yourself and wear goggles and gloves.

You need chopped habaneros (half cup), hot pepper flakes (two tablespoons), water (16 cups), and a spray bottle. Heat and create a solution and pour it into the spray bottle.

Spray the solution in all the areas you suspect the mice use to get around the house and spray it (relentlessly).

#5 Get a Cat

Vermin run when they detect a cat’s scent.

I always encourage adopting a kitty or even a senior cat to anyone that can. Cats are low-maintenance pets and will happily play exterminator.

If you’re allergic to cats and can’t get one, find the mice’s entry point and spread cat litter by it. It’s super effective, and mice won’t enter your home (at least till the scent wears off).

#6 Potato Flakes

Potatoes are the easiest kitchen hack to keep mice out of storage boxes.

Make raw potato flakes and spread it around the kitchen. When mice eat them, it expands in their stomach and kills them before they could even digest the food.

However, remember to keep the potato flakes away from your pets – it could have the same effect on them.

Watching the short instructional video by Natural Cures will give you a better idea of what you need to do.

Use the timestamps above to skip to specific sections of the video.


I have heard that aluminum foil doesn’t always work. What is a non-chemical and non-oil alternative to this?

If aluminum foil fails to deter mice, get some high-quality steel or copper wool, stuff them into holes you find, and seal with caulk.

Using the caulk as a cover is essential as sometimes the mice might find a way around the wool, and of course, the wool would gather rust and degrade over time. The caulk acts as a permanent cover.

An alternative to wool is wire mesh – they are finely woven and will not rust, making it difficult for the mice to chew it down.

How to detect a mice infestation?

It’s important to note that the methods highlighted by Natural Cures only work if you have a few critters roaming around the house.

If you see rodents every other day, notice gnawed furniture and plastic, or smell or see droppings everywhere, your home is likely infested.

In this case, DIY solutions will have little effect. You must give in and call the professionals before the infestation harms you or your loved ones.


Additional Tips

If you’re allergic to cats and can’t get one, find the mice’s entry point and spread cat litter by it. It’s super effective, and mice won’t enter your home (at least till the scent wears off).

Finally, if you have mice in other parts of your house or in place you don’t want them, keeping them out of your storage boxes may only be solving one of your problems.

You may have to consider hiring pet control or using strong measures to keep mice out of your home, garage, basement or storage shed where you store your boxes.

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