If you are a gun owner, you don't need to attract attention to having a gun everywhere you go. The best solution for this would have a leather shoulder holster. This holster can hold your gun around your shoulder, and no one will realize it. Moreover, since it's made from leather, you are assured it will last you long enough.

What is a Shoulder Holster?

A shoulder holster is a device that you use to hold or restrict the unwanted movement of your gun in a location where you can draw the gun easily for immediate use. Holsters can be attached to the shoulders, waist, or even in other locations. Moreover, holsters usually differ in the degree to which they protect or secure the gun. For example, some have straps while others have flaps.

The shoulder holster has many benefits, including fast access to your gun and provides more space and better weight-bearing capability needed by a heavier gun besides other benefits. So now that we know what a shoulder holster is let's check out the best shoulder holster made from full-grain leather.

1. Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster for Left Hand

Bianchi, X15 Plain Tan Shoulder Holster, Plain Tan, Right Hand, Size 04
  • Full grain leather, Plain Tan finish
  • Detachable retainer strap
  • Fully adjustable soft leather harness that adjusts to a 48"...

For a versatile carry shoulder rig, count on the Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster. It comes in different sizes allowing you to choose an X15 model to carry an absolute hand cannon of a revolver or a firearm as small as the 2-inch snub nose. Within the sizes, you can carry Glocks, 1911s, and much more. Furthermore, this holster system uses an internal tension rod that usually ensures retention and lets you go through your day smoothly, be it climbing mountains or running errands.

The X15 is a great shoulder holster for different roles. It's ideal for shooters carrying a handgun to protect bears while camping or hunters with a handgun. The holster comes with an ultra-comfortable and well-supported design for hikes up and down rough terrain. Moreover, the model is easy to use and draw from and comes with a great price tag. Plus, the design is very secure and ensures your handgun is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Pros
  • Very secure holster to invest in
  • Made from full-grain leather for durability
  • Allows you to carry large handguns
  • Versatile holster and comes in different shapes
  • Cons
  • Usually needs a long break-in time before being easy to use

2. Aker Comfort-Flex Shoulder Holster

Aker Leather 101 Comfort-Flex Shoulder Holster, Tan, Glock 17/19
  • Made in the USA using the finest vegetable-tanned cowhide...
  • Tested and used by law enforcement and federal agencies...
  • Features a specially contoured harness design
  • Adjustable tension screws on the shoulder straps fit chest...
  • Fits Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27. For the Glock 19X, our...

For the best horizontal shoulder holster, we recommend the Aker Comfort-Flex Leather Holster. The design of this model incorporates either tan or black leather, which comes with a slight gloss that's to die for. The horizontal shoulder rig positions the weapon, so it points behind you. Moreover, the shoulder holster comes with an open-end design so that compact and full-sized weapons will fit.

The holster has very wide straps, which usually help distribute the weight of full-sized guns evenly and make carrying compacts easy and comfortable. As the name suggests, the Comfort Flex holster is extremely comfortable and allows you to live your normal life armed and comfortable. Moreover, it's ideal for those looking to carry different guns. So, if you have Glock 17, you can still fit Glock 19 too. Lastly, the Comfort Flex is a great concealed-carry holster and even offers a dual mag pouch for carrying several reloads.

  • Pros
  • Comfortable shoulder rig for everyday use
  • Effective and one of the best horizontal shoulder holsters
  • Made from full-grain leather for durability
  • The rear open design usually allows you to accommodate multiple weapons
  • Cons
  • Usually works with Gen 4 Glocks though it has difficulty with back straps.

3. Galco Vertical Leather Shoulder Holster System

Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System for 1911 5-Inch Colt, Kimber, para, Springfield (Tan, Ambi)
  • Made using the finest materials
  • Used by Law Enforcement, Military, and citizens alike
  • Tested for durability and quality
  • 1911 5-Inch Colt, Kimber, Para, Springfield

For the best vertical holster system, count on the Galco Vertical Holster System. This model is a duty-based holster and is designed with law enforcement in mind. It usually positions the weapon pointing to the ground and prevents it from alerting people behind you. It is also much tougher for any crook to take at this angle. Additionally, the shoulder holster comes with wipe straps which are incredibly comfortable and evenly distribute a heavy weapon's weight.

The holster features a small snap around the trigger guard of your gun, which ensures it's secure and retained with ease. As a result, it's ideal for open carry or duty use. However, some people may find it bulky for concealed carry, and an open shirt or jack can reveal it fast. Plus, it doesn't maximize concealment.

  • Pros
  • Comfortable shoulder rig for everyday use
  • Easy to wear and easy to carry large guns
  • Safe from people who might try to take your weapon
  • Made from full-grain leather for durability
  • Cons
  • The waterproofing doesn’t last as long compared to other boots

4. Galco Miami Classic (3"-5" 1911) Leather Shoulder Holster System

Galco Miami Classic Shoulder System for 1911 5-Inch Colt, Kimber, para, Springfield (Tan,...
  • Premium steerhide holster and magazine carrier
  • Silhouetted design accommodates multiple barrel/slide...
  • Vertical double magazine carrier with secure flaps for autos
  • Easily concealable 1" wide harness straps
  • Full grain leather with swiveling Flexalon back plate

If you're a secret agent or law enforcement officer, the Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster System is the best option for you. The standard harness wraps snugly around every arm, getting rid of the need for belt loops. Moreover, the holster is open-ended to handle barrels of different lengths. On the other side, two mag pouches with snap closures face down for fast and easy access.

The Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster is comfortable and well-balanced, ideal for large full-size handguns. Comfort is largely due to the revolving connections on the four-point strap up that allow natural, unencumbered movement. Additionally, this Galco Miami Classic Holster is made from durable, high-quality leather and is extremely adjustable.

The Galco Miami Classic System includes the holster, ammo carrier, harness, and a set of system screws. All four points of the harness usually pivot independently to offer freedom to move. Also, you can customize the draw and fit angle to suit your shooting needs. Moreover, it's designed to fit 1911s and versions for other popular models available.

  • Pros
  • Made from durable, high-quality materials
  • Comfortable to carry on your shoulder throughout the day
  • Extremely adjustable offer you freedom to move
  • Ideal holster for secret agents and law enforcement officers
  • Cons
  • It's an expensive model compared to other leather shoulder rigs.

What Are the Main Types of Shoulder Holsters?

1. Tactical

Although shoulder holsters are not the most tactical method of carrying a sidearm, some do a better job than others. A snug fit will be much stable and build muscle memory by setting your firearm in the same zone each time you reach for it. Moreover, belt loops can hold the magazine pouches and holster in position while you draw. Although leather is very durable and long-lasting, synthetic materials might deal with wet environments better.

Therefore, if you are looking for a tactical way to carry a firearm for competition or work, we suggest going for a standard or drop holster. Also, chest mounts can be effective, particularly when mounted on a plate carrier.

2. Platform-specific

Most holsters, especially shoulder holsters, are compatible with different firearms as well as magazines. However, some are designed for specific platforms. This design is particularly common among premium leather shoulder holsters. Additionally, high-end shoulder holsters are commonly molded to fit tightly around your specific model of handgun. Therefore, this attention to detail usually creates a secure and minimizes wear from rubbing; however, it restricts what you can carry.

Due to revolvers' different shapes, they can sometimes be a problem to fit into regular holsters. Additionally, larger revolvers mostly used by hunters can be a bit long, meaning that they need to be carried vertically instead of horizontally. Therefore, we recommend not wasting your money on shoulder holsters that fit slim pistols if you carry a wheel gun.

3. Concealable

Shoulder holster models earned popularity, at least in some part, thanks to television and movies. In movies, fictional detectives, gangsters and spies mostly carry their weapons under suit coats or jackets. It makes sense since shoulder holsters do an awesome job of keeping a handgun secure and accessible without making it visible.

Padded shoulder holsters usually obscure a handgun's recognizable profile, and form-fitting materials offer a comfortable and secure fit both in smooth and vigorous physical activity. Therefore, you should think about what you want your gear to do.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Leather Shoulder Holster Style?

Choosing a shoulder holster, whether for duty weapon or EDC, is a personal choice. The best option will fit your body type and fit your weapon to allow you to access it easily when needed. Here are few factors to consider in your search for the best leather shoulder holster. Read on!

1. Gun size and type

Since leather shoulder holsters are firm, they need to firmly fit the gun's dimensions without forcing the barrel and avoiding the grip to stick out. Or the hammer to be in a tensioned position that is uncomfortable under the arm and causes persistent movement and rearrangement of clothes, causing unwanted attention.

2. Right- or left-handed

When looking for the best leather shoulder holster, you need to consider the side of your hand you want to carry it on. However, you can adjust most premium shoulder holsters to accommodate both right-and-left-handed shooters. Conversely, some models are designed to work only for one or the other. Therefore, before buying a quality shoulder holster, ensure it works for shooting with your dominant hand.

3. Gun position

Any shoulder holster should provide fast access to the weapon. Depending on personal choices dictated by body frame, job, and even the clothes, some individuals prefer a horizontal holster while others like a vertical shoulder holster.

The horizontal is faster to draw out the weapon, while the vertical provides improved safety since it points downwards. Moreover, some horizontal shoulder holsters provide 30 degrees tilted position, which usually combines pros. Note that large guns can only be carried vertically in vertical shoulder holsters.

4. Adjustability

Look for a shoulder holster that comes with adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit all through. Adjustable straps will make sure you have a comfortable fit, whether you choose to wear it over or under your clothing. Moreover, adjustable straps are also useful in case you lose or gain weight.

5. Comfort

You can't compromise comfort, especially when looking for a quality shoulder holster. You will be spending lots of time in it; therefore, you need something that doesn't bind, pinch or cause you to sweat. Also, it would be best if you had a shoulder holster that allows you to walk well and move your body freely. Therefore, we would recommend looking for a shoulder holster made with flexible material or have pivot points. Besides, some shoulder holster models come with breathable fabrics and special padding to maximize comfort.

6. Concealment

Though some shooters wear their holster over their clothing, most choose this shoulder holster type for concealment. For this reason, therefore, you want a holster, you can easily hide under your clothing. That's usually means different things to different people.

A shoulder holster's concealability usually has more to do with your wardrobe than even the holster itself. For example, a person who usually wears a suit coat or blazer will have no issue concealing a leather shoulder holster. Nonetheless, if you want to conceal your gun and holster under a lightweight jacket, blouse, or shirt, a leather shoulder holster that fits snug against your body will offer more effective concealment.

7. Safety

Your safety while carrying the weapon in a shoulder holster is very important. You want shoulder holsters that allow you to access your weapon easily. Nonetheless, a quality shoulder holster will also keep your gun or firearm secure during physical activity. We would recommend looking for shoulder holsters that come with a thumb break (restraining strap) to fit your firearm in place till you need it. If you use multiple guns, look for shoulder holsters with adjustable thumb break to hold different size handguns.

8. Accessories

Most shoulder rig models come with the capability to add some accessories such as cuff pouches, mag pouches, and even some knife sheaths. If you have a mag pouch for an extra magazine or two, the extra weight usually helps balance the load and keeps the load from being too heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Leather Shoulder Holsters

1. What’s better horizontal or vertical shoulder holster?

The horizontal shoulder rig lends itself to a quicker draw than the vertical shoulder rig. Although both of these holsters have some shortcomings, they have their benefits in their way. First, they're comfortable enough for everyday use.

2. Are shoulder holsters good for concealed carry?

The most crucial thing for concealed carry is comfort. So, shoulder holsters are an extremely effective and comfortable way to carry and the best option.

3. How do you break in a leather shoulder rig?

Unluckily, the only way to break in a shoulder holster is to get out and wear it and utilize it all through.

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