The famous Italian motorcycle professional racer once said, “You live more for five minutes going fast on a bike than other people do in all of their life.”

Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive.

If you love your bike as passionately as I do, you would feel protective about it and try to keep it in pristine order for years to come, right?

It does not matter whether you are an occasional motorcycle rider or you practically live on it. What matters is the beast is taken care of appropriately, and for that, you need to have an intentional and thought-out storage space.

In this article, we share a few motorcycle storage ideas that would help to save it from the ravages of the outside elements and protect your investment for the long run.

#1 Car Lift for Winters

You would probably not use a motorcycle in the winter. You need a safe space to park it, and your garage is sufficient for it.

However, you do not want the added tension of trying to squeeze in a truck or a car daily into the garage’s lone parking space.

A car lift is the most viable motorcycle storage solution during the winter months. Install a car lift in the garage. It will create an alleviated space to store the bike off the ground with the right attachments.

It will free up the floor space of the garage to park your car or truck. You can store the motorcycle on the car lift with all its attachments.

Not only this, you can store warm weather items and lawn equipment in the same space.

#2 Detached Garage Gives Additional Space

An attached garage is one that has direct access to your home while a detached garage rests independently in your home compound.

It is a free-standing parking space located a few feet away from your immediate home premises. If you love to work on your motorcycle outdoors, a detached garage would be an excellent addition.

The garage will contain the motorcycle and its toolbox and other attachments. It provides complete protection from the weather, and it has a separate locking mechanism to protect your motorcycle.

Watch this video by Darin Jensen, who shows a timelapse of building a 20×020 detached garage shed.

#3 Build a Carport

While a car lift is installed in the garage to create a vertical storage space, a carport is a separate setup that offers limited protection to vehicles.

If you do not have a garage or the space to create a detached garage, building a carport would be the next best solution.

A carport is a free-standing covered structure that may or may not be attached to a wall. It does not have walls on all sides, maybe on just one or two sides.

It helps to protect the motorcycle from rain, sun, hail, wind, and snow. You can buy readymade steel carport and install or create one from scratch using wood. They add value to your home and is extremely affordable.

The carport remains safe from vandalism; you can install a burglar protection system to alert you of any intruders. It is a better way to keep the motorcycle safe than street parking.

#4 Portable Motorcycle Storage

Storage tent for motorcycles

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The carport, the car lift, and the detached garage are not portable motorcycle storage options. They are fixed in one place.

Now, what kind of motorcycle storage option you can use if you are frequently on the move?

Maybe you are a solo traveler or part of a biker gang or practically living out of a modified motorcycle. You cannot leave the motorcycle outside any shady bar or a motel without inviting some sort of trouble like theft or damage or an exposure to the elements.

You need portable motorcycle storage that a lot of manufacturers are investing into rapidly. These innovative motorcycle garage storage options are built with automotive-grade plastics like Senosan AM50 and PMMA Multilayer.

Such portable storage options are high-tech, sturdy, and weatherproof. They have galvanized steel reinforcements, waterproof ventilation holes, heavy duty telescoping pistons, and a waterproof floor.

You have to simply open the box, park the motorcycle inside, and lock it up. You can move around the portable motorcycle storage cover with a trailer attached to it.

This option is also good if you live in apartment buildings or crowded areas with limited parking space.

#5 Paid Parking Lot

If you cannot afford any of the above motorcycle storage ideas, the last option is to use a paid parking lot.

Most of the paid parking lots have valet services with dedicated and free-for-all parking options, with add-ons like maintenance and washing. They have good security, and motorcycles can be parked for the long term.

The cost of using paid parking lots depends on the city you live in and the commute distance between you and the parking spot. Expect to spend at least a hundred dollars every month.

Avoid Outdoor Parking with a Motorcycle Cover

Perhaps, the easiest of motorcycle storage option is to buy a motorcycle cover, but they offer the least protection or none at all. You’ll definitely need a motorcycle alarm installed if you plan to store it long term, and you live in a city environment.

The motorcycle covers are usually made with canvas or polyethylene and come in various sizes and weights. All you need to do is drape it over the motorcycle.

It can be a temporary solution if the motorcycle needs to rest for a few minutes between rides, but they are certainly not recommended under long term motorcycle storage ideas. You can lock it up, and you are practically inviting thieves to have a go at it!

Moreover, it does not protect the motorcycle against harsh weather conditions. The cover will deteriorate quickly, and you will have to replace it at least a few times every year. Not a nice solution, right?

It is important to learn and choose the ideal motorcycle storage option to protect your investment. I hope these help!

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