Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Rifle scope review

The Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Rifle scope review  is a great scope for many individuals who want the precision of a scope on their rifle. The 3-9x on this scope represents the distance the lens will produce in magnification. One way to think about it is at 3x magnification objects that you view through the scope will appear 3x closer or larger than the naked eye, at 9x it will appear 9 times closer or larger than the naked eye.

The exit pupil diameter is about 12 millimeters when at 3x and at 9x magnification the exit pupil view would be at about 4.7millimeters. At these magnifications you will be able to use this scope for most of your rifle shooting needs in good light. Just like most quality riffle scopes this model has a waterproof enclosure that will keep water and fog from collecting inside and out of the scope lens. The reason for this is because the scope is O-ring sealed with dry nitrogen inside the tube. This is great for shooting in all types of conditions that are well lit up.

Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Rifle scope features:

  • Side focus  control for adjusting the calibration on long range shots
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
  • Great quality scope for the price
  • Mounts to most scope capable firearms
  • Available with BDC or Nikoplex reticles and in Silver, Black, Matte or Camo finishes. View All Buckmaster Scope Options

Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Rifle scope specifications:

  • Approximately 13 inches long
  • Approximately 16 oz in weight
  • 1 inch tube diameter
  • Large pupil exit at low magnifications
  • BDC (bullet Drop Compensation) reticle
  • 3 to 9 times magnification capabilities


Customer reviews

The Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Rifle scope and the review  is known from its buyers to be a great riffle scope for the price. This riffle scope is a must for hunters and hobbyist alike. Some of the reasons why hunters like this scope are for the ability of shooting targets far away from where they are. If you are waiting for a particular game while hunting you may also view from your scope birds and other objects to help the time pass. The Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Rifle scope can also be used as a magnifier to see other objects while you are out in the field.

As a recreational sport shooter this amazing scope is also a necessity for making short and long range shots a simple task. A lot of people use the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Rifle scope for shooting targets. Many people go to competitions where this type of sport takes place. Several individuals stated that this riffle scope had a lot of power and was of real good quality especially for the price.

The Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 BDC Rifle scope is truly a versatile item that can be used for hunting as well as competition shooting. All in all individuals who have used this product for both uses will state that this riffle scope has great quality for a great price. Several individuals will recommend this item to other users if they plan on using it in a well lit up area. Not having to worry about fog or water getting into the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Rifle scope you will be sure to have no trouble when using this product out in the field for hunting or professional shooting competitions.


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