When you want to have that extra secure feeling that no one can creep up to your home undetected, you must consider installing outdoor motion detector lights, or maybe even an outdoor motion detector alarm system.

Top-Rated Outdoor Motion Detectors List:

There are a number of options; some can be extremely sensitive and deliver siren warnings, others can be muted for internal chiming only. When choosing your outdoor motion detector with an indoor alarm, you will need to consider the reasons you want a muted or loud system. You are not limited to either; you can have both, and use each one alternatively, based on the function you require.

Motion detectors work in two methods, fixed beam, and wide beam. Both have specific applications and should be used together when securing a property or location.

Now let’s take a look at some of the possible outdoor motion sensor switch options available, this guide was assimilated after reading up over 2,000 outdoor motion detector alarm reviews, and then taking the top eight, which I present here.

Best Outdoor Motion Detectors Reviews:

1. Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Break Beam Alert Kit, One BBT-2500 & One DCR-2500

Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Break Beam Alert Kit, One BBT-2500 & One DCR-2500
  • RELIABLE & RANGE- Dakota Alert has been in business for over...
  • INSTALLATION – Easy do-it-yourself installation. Mount the...
  • RECIEVER – Four tones to choose from; Classical,...
  • BEAM SENSORS --Solar powered and can be mounted up to 300'...
  • LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT – If you have any questions or...

The Dakota Alert BBA-2500 is a wireless solar powered infrared break beam kit that provides you with a filtered alarm system, reducing the number of false alarms and providing you with extra home security.

This mode is solar powered, so you don’t need any wires, and is perfect for the sunny seasons. The sensors can be aligned up to 300 feet apart, and the receiver can be as far as half a mile away with a clear view. This means that you can set up any number of sensors, and have a perfect proximity alert giving you plenty of time to prepare.

This model works in extreme temperatures, -30°F to 120°F. However, since it is solar powered, I personally recommend it back to you up with another powered unit, perhaps placing the powered unit closer to the secured location. On sunless days, the power could be too low, and you will need a fully powered unit for perfect protection.

Since this is the 2500 series you can set the transmitter to deliver up to four different tunes, and this will notify you to which area or location your sensor has been breached.


BBT-2500 Sensor Specifications

  • Transmitter Size - 13.25”x3.25”x 2”
  • Wireless Frequency - 434 MHz
  • Wireless Range (From sensors back to chime receiver) - up too 2500 feet
  • Power Type (included) - Solar/Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
  • Detection Type - Infrared Break Beam
  • Detection Range - 300 feet
  • Operating Temp. - (-)30F to 120F

DCR-2500 Chime Specifications

  • Size 6”x 3.5”x 5”
  • Wireless Frequency - 434 MHz
  • Zones 4Code Combinations 256
  • Power Supply 12VDC transformer
  • Relay outputs 4 form C
  • Voltage output 12 VDC 400 mA maximum


2. Safety Technology International, Inc.STI-V34150 Wireless Battery Powered Driveway Monitor with Voice Receiver

Safety Technology International, Inc.STI-V34150 Wireless Battery Powered Driveway Monitor with Voice...
  • Sensor may be placed as far as 1000 feet (line of sight)...
  • Will not be triggered by animals, people or shadows
  • Maximum optimal range for vehicle detection is 12 feet
  • Easy installation

The Safety Technology International, Inc.STI-V34150 Wireless Alert Series will monitor up to 4 different STI devices simultaneously. This is a car detector or a large object detector; it will not trigger for human, and animal breaches. As such, it’s a perfect solution for garage doors, and delivery driveways and bays.

This comes with 4-Channel Voice Receiver that detects a triggered site and sounds a voice message that lets you know which location has been breached.

This model comes with ten selectable tones, and you can choose from 53 preset words in English and Spanish to deliver the warning message.

This model has a 1,000-foot clear view operation mode and works on batteries, so its wireless.


3. Ideal Security SK6 Wireless Motion Sensor Kit

Ideal Security Inc. SK698 SK6 Wireless SensorKit 2 Motion Sensors, 2 Remote Controls, 1...
  • Home Security System: Wireless motion detector sends the...
  • Long Range: Sensor to receiver range is up to 80 meters (350...
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Our motion sensor unit is built with...
  • Easy to Install: Can be fastened to the wall using the screw...
  • Set Includes: This security system comes with two...

The Ideal Security SK6 interior monitor alert comes with six sensors that provide unique tones and will alert you to where the breach has been activated.

This is a stealth warning system, not an alarm, as such it will deliver a chime indoors, notifying you without warning the intruder.

The sensors have a 180-foot range and can detect up to 26 feet.

Range from the sensor to receiver up to 180 ft. the motion detector range is up to 26 ft

This is a great device to set around the perimeter of a house, or for use in a store with multiple entryways.

The sensors are wireless and operate using 2 x 9V batteries and 2 x CR2032 cells for the remote controls.

The portable receiver can be carried as well as secured to a wall if needed. The remote control gives you the freedom to activate and control the system from anywhere. The kit comes with an AC charger for the receiver.


4. Safety Technology International, Inc. STI-34151 Sensor for Battery Wireless Driveway Monitor

Safety Technology International, Inc. STI-34151 Sensor for Battery Wireless Driveway Monitor -...
  • Operates on patented magnetometer sensor system
  • Movement of any large metallic (iron or steel) object will...
  • May be placed as far as 1000 feet (line of sight) from the...
  • Easy installation
  • For best performance place sensor within 500 feet of...

The Safety Technology International STI 34151 Sensor is a monitor for a complete system. This monitor is part of the STI-V34150 system, when combined with the STI-32530 receiver becomes a complete kit.

This sensor operates up to a clear 1000 feet line of sight but works perfectly when set to 500 feet distance from the receiver. The motion detector uses a patented magnetometer to assure accuracy and delivers the warning with any preselected word from a vocabulary of 53 words in English or Spanish.

Installation Manual

5. Skylink HA-300 Long Range Household Alert & Alarm

Skylink HA-300 Long Range Household Alert & Alarm Deluxe Home Business Office Motion Security Indoor...
  • Range of up to 800 feet in an open area
  • 2 in 1 Alert & Alarm Modes. Be notified of your...
  • Motion sensor detection range of 40 feet
  • Program up to 16 sensors, 4 in each zone. Built-in 95dB...
  • One HA-434RL Household Alert Receiver (AC/DC adapter...

The Skylink HA-300 is an outdoor motion detection system that monitors and alerts you to any movement that comes within range of the sensors. This kit uses infrared sensors that detect movement and comes with three detection modes.

One of these modes is the alarm mode that sounds a 95dB siren, warning the would-be intruder off the premises. The sensors come with an internal review mechanism that alerts you to the battery status. This model works with up to 16 individual sensors, which you need to purchase separately, and can be placed in four zones.



6. Ideal Security SK626 Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Siren With Remote Control Panic Button, Super-loud 110dB Alarm

Ideal Security Inc. SK626 SK6 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Siren with Remote Control Panic Button,...
  • Wireless Panic Button Siren: 110 dB loud siren with flashing...
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: This remote control siren can be...
  • Compatibility: Links with Ideal's motion sensors, door and...
  • Set Includes: Remote control security siren includes one...

The Ideal Security SK626 Siren and LED alert flasher is a component that can be added to any IS security system.

This siren allows you to connect up to sixteen individual wireless units, and when any one of those units (sensor) is triggered, the siren will sound and light up. This siren punches out a 110dB alarm and flashes a powerful pulsing light.

You can set the alarm to either sound, sound, and flash or only flash.

This model works up to a range of 160 feet (50 meters) and comes with 1 CR2032 3V and AC adapter. It also links to the wireless telephone dialer and works with SK615, SK616, SK621, SK625, SK629, SK642 models.



7. Cop Security 15-946 Indoor/Outdoor Photoelectric Dual Beam Sensor

Cop Security 15-946 Indoor/Outdoor Photoelectric Dual Beam Sensor Up to 550ft(indoor)/180ft(outdoor)...
  • Dual Beam, Pulsed Infrared, Sealed Optics
  • Automatic gain control
  • Built-in viewfinders for optical axis adjustment
  • Weatherproof housing keeps insects and dirt out
  • LED indicator for fast and accurate fine beam alignment

The Cop Security 15-946 is a wired and BUS compatible system that has a dynamic frequency analyzer that maintains an intelligent alarm linkage. The digital filter provides anti-fog functionality, and also maintains the powerful transmission status. The focusing lens uses a coaxial aspherical dual-focus, and the digital display shows the BUS address, signal strength, and working frequency.

This model provides blocking time configuration, so you can filter out small animals and other non-threatening obstructions.


  • Alert distance (Out): 60 meters
  • Alert distance (In): 180 meters
  • Detection mode: 2 beams blocked simultaneous
  • Optical source: Infrared digital pulse beam
  • Response time: 50-240ms (adjustable without degree)
  • Power supply: DC12~24V 15W
  • Alarm output: Relay contact output NO.NC contact rating AC/DC 30V 30mA (Max)
  • Trouble output: Relay contact output NC contact rating AC/DC 30V 30mA (Max)
  • Tamper output: Relay contact output NC contact rating DC24V 0.5A (Max).
  • Operation: -25ºC ~ 55ºC 5%-95%RH (relative humidity)
  • Optical axis: 180º (±90º)
  • Optical axis: 20º (±10º)
  • Material: PC resin
  • Net weight: 430g (receiver and transmitter)
  • Gross weight: 790g

8. Cop Security 15-500LB Jumbo Outdoor Siren Strobe Box

Cop Security 15-500LB Jumbo Outdoor Siren Strobe Box (White & Blue)
  • Dual tamper protection form upper cover removal or removal...
  • SAB mode is available, Equipped with internal 7.2V...
  • LED indications for easy status confirmation
  • Piercing siren sound with high-visibility xenon strobe...
  • 4 kinds of sounder timer selections

The Cop Security 15-500LB is a dual beam photoelectric sensor that connects to the Cop Security products. This unit is configurable, and you can set up to 4 kinds of sounder timers which activate a powerful piercing siren and ultra-bright xenon strobe flashes

This unit comes with a dual tamper protection box and has a LED indicator that gives you’re an updated status report. You can get this in a SAB mode too, and the system comes with an internal 7.2V rechargeable battery.

LED indications for easy status confirmation

External or internal tamper trigger is selectable

Operating Voltage 10-15Vdc


  • Weight: 1 Lbs.
  • Voltage: 10-15Vdc
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 5” x 3” x 6.75”


How high up should you put a motion sensor?

In general, motion detectors will work best when mounted to a height of 6’ to 8’ high. However, you have to consider all the factors at play. This includes the targeted area and the type of motion you want to detect.

Do motion sensor lights work during the day?

Yes, motion detectors work in any light level. Essentially motion detectors use infrared as one of the modes, and this works in all visible light spectra. Some motion detectors use laser lights when the beam is cut it will activate, laser lights are powerful enough to work in most indoor environments, and can be suitable for many outdoor applications.

Where do I locate the sensors?

The most effective locations to place motion sensors are across conduits such as pathways, corridors, and driveways. These are usually used by most visitors and intruders. If you want a wide coverage area, then you would place them high, overlooking patios, swimming pools, and other larger areas.

Laser or fixed light sensors should only be placed low, leg and wheel level, in pathway areas, such as across a driveway, footpath, corridor or even door jamb.

Infrared sensors should be placed high, to be able to cover larger areas, which will detect any motion within the sensors range.

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