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"Wright Leather Works LLC is a custom leather holster maker based out of Ohio and we are dedicated to providing you the proper holster to make sure you “Carry Concealed, Confident & Comfortable.” We believe that your right to own and carry a concealed firearm is one the most important in our great country, and as a custom leather holster maker we want to make sure that you are able to do it properly and comfortably.
We are able to do this by offering many different holster designs and styles to meet your preferences and expectations. None of our holsters are “one size fits many” type of holster. All of our leather holsters are custom made to fit each specific firearm. They are hand cut, sewn, and molded from the highest quality full grain domestic leather hides and materials available. Each and every holster is made by hand by us, the owners of the company. These are not mass produced. We make every holster as if it was our own."

The Predator is an OWB pancake style belt slide holster meant to hold tightly to your body. This pancake holster is extremely low profile and slim for easy concealment. It holds very tightly to the body by design and is incredibly comfortable. In fact it is our favorite leather holster. It features a stiffening strap across the front of the holster to keep the mouth of the holster open for holstering. The Predator features 1-3/4" belt slots that are punched so the holster rides at a 15° cant. It tilts forward but not to much, making it a perfect draw. Like all of our holsters it also features a custom cut body shield that fits your specified gun and will not interfere with your draw.

The Predator pancake holster can and should be worn anywhere that you, the carrier,  feels most comfortable. We would suggest just behind your strong side hip in the 4 or 5 o'clock position. This seems to be the most common and the most comfortable position in our humble opinion. But everyone is different, so try it in a few places to see where this pancake holster will fit you best.

The Predator is made specifically to fit what ever model you select. We have a huge list of firearms that it can be made for. Please see the Model pull down menu to see our current list of offered models. If you do not see your handgun model listed below, please contact us! You can send us an email or give us a call and there is a good chance we can add your model, or in some case even custom make a holster for you. We have done this before and we are sure we will do it again. We welcome the challenge and the opportunity to make your holster. Your satisfaction is our number one goal."

With all of the real challenges that we face in the world today, we are still blessed to have true craftsmen who make some of the finest custom made products that skill and premium quality materials can create. Brandon and Scott Wright, the owners of Wright Leather Works, are examples of modern day craftsmen who make their holsters by hand and to order.

I first saw an example of the WLW Predator a few months ago in "American Rifleman" magazine. The picture showed a beautiful pancake style leather holster, the Predator, that fit very closely to the body. I visited the Wright web site to learn more about the company and the Predator holster in particular. I soon found that a model was available for the Kahr CW9 that is my everyday carry gun. While I was there, I looked at all the models they offer.

I contacted WLW and soon was in a conversation with Brandon Wright about holster choices that might work well for me. We discussed my lifestyle, some of my common activities, my everyday carry gun and other relevant matters that might influence my choice in a holster.

I really came to appreciate his concern that the holster that I chose would be the right one to meet my needs. There was nothing "cookie cutter" about his approach and in the end, when I'd made my decision, based upon his advice, I was well satisfied it was the right one for me.

We agreed that the Predator would be an excellent choice. Brandon told me he'd get to work on it right away and I eagerly awaited its arrival.

When the box from WLW arrived I was very excited to see my new holster. I was even more excited when I got my first look at it. It was truly beautiful and the care that was used to make it was evident. The fit with my CW9 was just right and felt very secure. Included with the Predator were instructions for use and care and how to "block" the holster if necessary to make it fit even better.

My plan to evaluate it was simple. I would strap on the Predator with the CW9 holstered and wear it all day doing the things I normally do each day and only remove it when it was time for bed. I wanted to do that each day to get used to it, to see exactly how well it fit and how comfortable it was to wear as I did my various activities.

According to plan, I strapped on the Predator on a Monday morning. I had a lot of work to get done, errands to run, and it was hot, so I wore a pair of shorts and a "T" shirt for most of the day. One thing that was evident very early on was how closely the Predator hugged my waistline. It was not at all evident that I was carrying the CW9 even under that light shirt. I felt very confident as I went to several different places that my gun was easily accessible but not noticeable at all. It was also quite comfortable with no part of the gun touching my skin and nothing gouging me.

Tuesday was pretty much a day of writing and getting some assignments completed. I was up and down at the computer most of the day. The Predator and CW9 were with me all day. By about mid-day, I found that I needed to tighten my belt just a bit. The Predator had shaped even more to my waist and fit even closer than before.

I spent the rest of that week in my normal activities. As I dressed, the Predator with the CW9 was just part of what I put on each morning. I changed belts a couple of times during the week just to make sure they'd fit well with the Predator.

For me, wearing the Predator at about 4 o'clock works best. The slight cant puts the butt into a curve in my body that makes it very comfortable and makes it very easy to draw. Speaking of drawing...

I spent some time in front of a mirror, drawing and holstering my unloaded pistol. I often use a mirror when doing this to make sure that I'm not covering myself when I draw. I practice sweeping away my outer garment, slowly at first and then try to speed up my actions to get the gun into service.

The high and "close to the body" fit of the Predator makes drawing it and getting it into a defensive shooting position very easy. The Predator formed to fit my body contour and just got better each day that I wore it. Frankly, the Predator is the most comfortable OWB holster I've ever worn.

The Predator holster from Wright Leather Works is a perfect example of what skilled craftsmen using premium quality materials can produce. It's also about the genuine desire to fit the customer with the holster that will work best for him, considering his lifestyle. We need more folks like the Wrights.

I can recommend the Predator Holster from Wright Leather Works without any reservation whatsoever.

You can see the Predator and other WLW products by visiting http://www.wrightleatherworks.com/

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