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Comp-N-Choke Turkey Choke - Mobil-Choke


Comp-N-Choke Turkey Choke - Mobil-Choke

$38.95 $42.95

Turkey chokes that deliver:

- More Consistent Patterns
- More Dense Patterns
- Recoil Reduction
- Muzzle Jump Reduction

Turkey hunters know that the key to being successful is the selection of the right shotgun, the right shells, and the right choke tube.

Comp-N-Choke understands that as well.

From superior pattern density and consistency, our turkey tubes deliver on all of the things that a turkey hunter finds important.

With Comp-N-Choke turkey chokes, you can expect a 14" to 16" pattern at 40 yards and a good even distribution across the pattern.

Exit diameter is .660

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