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  • Copperzilla™ is designed to remove the most difficult copper and lead fouling quickly. If you shoot solid copper bullets in a long range rifle, lead slugs in a shotgun, we would recommend you use Copperzilla. Copperzilla will remove the most difficult copper and lead from the bore in 30 minutes. Copperzilla can be left on any steel, stainless steel or chrome bore without etching the metal. Copperzilla is also made from natural based materials and has virtually no odor and no ammonia. In our field testing we were told Copperzilla was superior to the strongest ammonia based cleaners for removing copper.
  • Ideal for applying a small amount to a patch for coating the bore.
  • Will speed up the process of removing the most difficult copper and/or lead fouling.
  • Also speeds up the removal of lead fouling left in shotguns from shooting slugs.

    2 oz Turret Top Bottle

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