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Halo 2 Deluxe 12 Gauge Shotgun Heatshield


Halo 2 Deluxe 12 Gauge Shotgun Heatshield

$19.97 $29.97
Customize many popular 12 Gauge Pump Shotguns with this ATI Heatshield. Includes front / Rear Ghost Ring Sights.

Features and Specifications:

Constructed of High Strength Steel
Matte Black Powder Coating
Aluminum CNC Machined Ghost Ring Sights
Positively Locks Behind Forward Barrel Lug
Infinitely Customizable Stop to Prevent Any Movement While Firing
Fits With or Without an Aftermarket Mag Extension

Fits: Many 12 Gauge Shotguns

Manufactured in the USA

Note: The Barrel Lug Must Be At Least 13.75" Away from the Receiver for the Heatshield to Fit. (Measure from End of the Receiver to Beginning of the Barrel Lug.)

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