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Mossberg X-Factor Waterfowl Chokes


Mossberg X-Factor Waterfowl Chokes

$24.99 $48.99

The X-factor series of chokes from Mossberg are designed to deliver premium performance at an affordable price. These chokes are angle ported for better patterns and less muzzle flip allowing you to put more pellets down range. The extended design also makes these tubes easy to remove with no tools required.


Available in .765; .750; &.730


Please specify in the "Notes" section  which exit diameter you prefer.


Technical Information:


Gauge: 12

Thread Pattern: Mossberg Ulti-Mag for 835 or 935

Ported: Yes

Shot Type: Any

Purpose: Waterfowl

Please specify which choke you'd like in the "Add a note" section of the order form.

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