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RECOIL PADS: Shooter’s Friend Recoil Pad


RECOIL PADS: Shooter’s Friend Recoil Pad

$11.95 $24.95

�easily slides on and off

�will not harden or get brittle with age

�will not harm gun stock

�used with rifles and shotguns

�used when hunting and/or shooting

�not affected by cold temperatures

�easily cleans up with soap and water

Made in the USA

The Shooter’s Friend Recoil Pad is made with PQ, Professional-Quality Gel, the same Gel used in professional orthotics, athletic insoles. and college & professional sports.

The Shooter’s Friend idea came from a Riecken’s Orthotic Lab employee.  An avid shooter and hunter, he also knew the effective shock-absorption properties of PG Gel, and suggested making recoil pads with it.

The rest is history...thousands are saving shoulders and arms in North America and globally.

PQ  Viscoelastic Polymer Gel is a proprietary formula of Riecken's Orthotic Laboratory. It absorbs shock and dissipates it away from the body.

The zigzag pattern of The Shooter's Friend, along with the PQ Gel properties, reacts in a manner similar to hydraulic damping.

Recoil is dampened and directed away from your arm and shoulder.

These are "take-off" pads used for demonstration and are as new but without packaging. A very big savings over normal retail price.

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