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SSX-12 Gauge Invector+


SSX-12 Gauge Invector+

$34.95 $54.00

Fits Browning Invector Plus;Winchester Super X2/Super X3/Supreme;Sako/Tikka

Unique internal construction and .643 exit diameter.

This choke tube is rated for all shot types, (no steel) including Hevi-Shot and all tungsten-based shotshells.

It delivers excellent, consistent patterns with a variety of shotshells. *The SSX set a World Record, that remains unbroken with the 2 oz. Hevi-13 Bronze" shotshells, by shooting the highest score ever recorded by the NWTF at a Sanctioned Still Target Shoot with that shell. This is the choke that Clark Bush used to win the World Championship Still Target Shoot.

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