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Swarm - 20 Gauge Invector Turkey Choke


Swarm - 20 Gauge Invector Turkey Choke


Swarm© "World Record Setting" 20 Gauge Turkey Choke fits all guns that use the Win-Choke, Invector or Accu-Choke thread type. That includes Winchester, Browning, Mossberg and others.

In 2005 Clark Bush set the 20 gauge World Record by scoring 32 pellets in 3" at 40 yards.

In 2006 Doris Bush set a 20 gauge Women's World Record by scoring 30 pellets in 3" at 40 yards. That record has stood for 11 years and is the longest standing World Record in the history of still target shooting.

In 2007 Doris Bush won the World Championship in the Women's Class with a Swarm© 20 Gauge Turkey Choke. She has since won 4 additional World Championships and is the "winningest woman" in the history of the sport.

Since 2005 the Swarm© choke has been used successfully by turkey hunters in all parts of the U.S.

The Swarm© choke tube is rated for all shot types, (no steel) including Hevi-Shot and all commercial tungsten-based shotshells.

The exit diameter is .555.

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