"For the past several weeks I've been using the Gripmaster from Prohands on a daily basis and my grip strength has improved very noticeably. I've used it to isolate the trigger fingers on my right and left hands to improve my trigger press without allowing the Gripmaster to move in my hands. It's a winner".  Clark Bush

GRIPMASTER is our signature model. It is ideal for any athlete or musician wanting to develop hand strength, dexterity and endurance. GRIPMASTER isolates and strengthens each finger using spring-loaded finger piston technology. Quickly builds hand, wrist and forearm strength. We offer five color-coded models of graduated resistance.

"I followed the advice on the site and ordered the XX Light tension model. I had a hand injury several months ago and really needed to increase the strength and dexterity in my right hand. It has worked even better than expected without putting undue stress on my hand. It's  also very light and easy to keep handy, so I'm able to use it whenever I want. You however may want to select a different model, depending upon your goal and current level of hand strength."

"The TACTICAL model is designed specifically for handgunners. It has a number of desirable features which should be very beneficial."

PROHANDS TACTICAL is the ultimate training tool for handgun accuracy. Dry-firing is not enough. You must train your entire hand, wrist & forearm to lock on the target. PROHANDS is the #1 hand exerciser in the world thanks to spring-loaded pistons for each finger. We added a laser sight for tactical training, and the combination is key. Using is believing. Fix the red laser dot on a target 10-15 meters away, and challenge yourself to keep the laser steady on the target while exercising your fingers. Outside the range, PROHANDS TACTICAL is the most effective way to train for accuracy. Recommended by top law enforcement shooting instructors and certified NRA instructors. Available in 5 lb, 7 lb, 9 lb, 11 lb, and 13 lb pull weights. Comes fully assembled and includes batteries, instructions and suggested exercises.

You can see all of the products offered by Prohands at hh and I'd encourage you to do that. The added strength I've gained has reinforced to me just how important hand strength really is.

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