A secret storage or a few of them should take an important place in your house because it is definitely easier and safer to keep your valuables in a plain sight.
I discovered 25 awesome stash containers that you can keep in your kitchen, toilet, bathroom, living room and in the country house to store your valuables somewhere where only you know about.

A big choice of portable safes will make your life easier because you will not have to think of places where to hide an expensive piece of jewelry or a spare credit card.

Some of the containers will certainly amaze you. They are made clever and will unlikely attract a burglar’s sight.

However, there are some products that may take the wraps off and give a thief a clue where you keep your goods.

Let’s review 25 up-to-date stash containers by categories and maybe you will become interested in getting one for a secure storage of your belongings.

What's On This Page?

Review and comparison of 25 smart safes for keeping valuables privately


Water bottle diversion safes are great for keeping them in the kitchen, in one of the cupboards or in the fridge. However, what if a thief wants to have a drink? Which safe is the best?

1. Pepsi Cola Can Safe 

A simple budget safe made of a Pepsi can will become a good idea for storing your valuables, however, keeping it on a visible spot like on a kitchen table may bring you troubles if a thief is thirsty.

2. Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe

Diversion Safe Secret Container Aquafina Stash Bottle Imitation Look-alike with Hidden Soundproof...
  • PERSONAL SECURITY – The Aquafina secret bottle container...
  • NOISE PROOF – The smell proof bag which comes along with...
  • HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT – This secret bottle safe is made...
  • FOOLPROOF LOCKING SYSTEM – The twist and lock mechanism is...
  • AUTHENTIC APPEARANCE – When looking from the top or the...

A similar product, however, the bottle of water is transparent, so it may look a bit suspicions and unreal.

3. Coca Cola Coke 2L Bottle Secret Diversion Safe

Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Stash Safe Model: Office Supply Store
  • Hide your valuables in plain sight
  • Just unscrew the top to reveal the hidden compartment
  • Weighted to feel full
  • Actual product container made into a diversion safe for...

The winner is this very product that will unlikely attract someone’s attention. The secret compartment is roomy plus it is simply impossible to see the compartment inside the bottle.

So, if you purchase this product, stuff it with your goods, and place somewhere far in a cupboard, no one will think it is a hot spot.


Secret stash products – great places to hide valuables as long as burglars look for gold, money, and credit cards but not food. Tins, cans, and even boxes from cat food will become your secret assistants.

4. Jiffy Peanut Butter Diversion Safe Stash Can HumanFriendly Smell-Proof Bag


16 oz Jiffy peanut butter jar is a smart place to hide your valuables in the house or while going on picnic.

5. MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE diversion can safe stash hidden safes


Another good diversion safe that is made of original Maxwell House Coffee container. It will look good among other household products in your house and keep your valuables safe.

6. Pringles Stash Can Diversion Safe


An awesome realistic Pringles can has got a lot of room for money (notes and coins), keys, wrapped documents, jewelry, etc. It will assist you well until a burglar decides to grab some crisps before he leaves your house.

7. Coffee Travel Mug Diversion Stash Safe

Coffee Mug Diversion Safe by Stash-it for hot/cold drinks with Big Clever Dry Hiding Spot for...
  • USE AT HOME or ON-THE-GO! Great for hiding in your house,...
  • DUAL-PURPOSE ! You can ACTUALLY USE this Coffee Mug to...
  • Extra Large Storage Space: Large enough to fit credit cards,...

This good-looking mug-safe is not only good for keeping it in the house but in a car.

However, if a thief sees it, he may think it can be a god thing to steal as well because this mug is big and can fit a good amount of tea or coffee.

8. Friskies Cat Food Diversion Can Safe stash box by THE CAN KING


I would definitely recommend you getting this safe because cat food is the last thing on someone’s mind. This safe will certainly protects your goods whether you have a cat or not.

Toilet room

Toilets are the most unpopular places for burglars. Some of the products that I am going to show you can use to hide valuables in plain sight.

They will perfectly fit into a room’s interior and do not cause any interest for people who visit your house.

9. Glade Air Freshener Diversion Can Safe stash box METAL PIGGY BANK


A roomy and metal diversion safe will fit a big number of valuables. However, if a burglar drops it, there will be a lot of noise (especially if you keep jewelry and coins inside) which will let you down.

10. Secret Closet Storage Lamp - Bonus Organizing Your Spaces Guide - Hidden Safe

Secret Closet Storage Lamp - Bonus Organizing Your Spaces Guide - Store Valuables, Money, Jewelry,...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Not only can it light up your closet; you can...
  • PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES: Protect your valuables in plain...
  • KEEP THIEVES AWAY: Store things of value while keeping them...
  • ORGANIZING YOUR SPACES GUIDE: Electronic Delivery of the...
  • RECOMMENDED USES: Great for stashing money, credit cards,...

This is one of the best places to hide your belongings safely. You can keep a lot of stuff inside and still have a lamp working.

Great to use in a toilet, as well as in a bathroom and other rooms if the house.

11. Clorox Jumbo 64 oz Large Diversion Safe Stash Can HumanFriendly Smell-Proof Bag

A big bottle provides a lot of space for storing valuables and it is also weighted to feel like a real full bottle of bleach.

12. Hollow Toilet Paper Diversion Safe Property Security Device


The winner from the list of the best diversion safes for a toilet room is this smart and still functional toilet paper roll holder.

Most burglars do not waste time in toilet rooms, therefore, such thing as a toilet roll will definitely not become an interesting item.

Even if a thief needs to use a toilet, this toilet roll paper holder does not look suspicious, so will do its job well.


Special secret hiding containers for bathroom will unlikely attract thieves’ sight. Small safes can be stored in the room or taken in a bag while travelling or going to gym.

13. Suave Hairspray Safe - Diversion Safe

Lipstick - Stash Can - Hide Your Stuff!
  • Fake Lipstick
  • Color picked at random
  • Images are to showcase the product
  • 1 lipstick safe case

The container does look like a real lipstick; however, it provides so little space. It suits only for keeping necessary pills.

15. Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash by JayCee

Men's Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash by Deals-N-Sight (1.8 Oz)
  • Made from a genuine product container
  • Remove Bottom to access secret storage compartment!!
  • Perfect for cars, luggage, gym bags and pockets!
  • Real Deodorant on top!!,Hiding spot on the bottom.
  • This is not a deodorant stick, but a Secret stash Diversion...

The safe is made from a genuine product container and is great for your bathroom or while traveling. A hidden storage compartment is roomy for cash, jewelry, and keys.

Place it on the shelf in the bathroom or keep it in your bag. You can find the same one but for women.

16. Hair Brush Diversion Safe Stash with Smell Proof Bag by Stash-it Can Safe

Diversion Safe Hair Brush by Stash-it, Can Safe to Hide Money, Jewelry, or Valuables with Discreet...
  • HIDE OR STORE YOUR VALUABLES: Secret false top unscrews to...
  • FOR AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO: Travel Diversion Safe that can go...
  • NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION! We listened to your reviews and...

A smart purchase for women that will fit even in a bag. Use it to brush your hair and keep the most important stuff inside.

Wrap some notes, put the most expensive jewelry inside and keep it in a bathroom or in your bag. Brush your hair straight after purchasing it and store it with your goods.

No one will want to touch someone’s hairbrush with hair. So, this is the winner from the list!


Keeping stuff in garage is also a clever idea as long as burglars spend more time in the house looking for expensive valuables.

Unless they have access to the garage, they will unlikely take a look at bolts and sprays for cleaning engine. One of these small items can be used as a diversion safe for weed.

17. BOLT SAFE! New! Diversion Stash Hide Valuables! Clever Design totally stealth!

BOLT SAFE! New! Diversion Stash Hide Valuables! Clever Design Totally Stealth!
  • Looks like a real screw, heavy weight, perfect concealment
  • Perfect to store pills, money, powder, or money
  • Easy to use and clean

This is a good safe but its size suits only a few wrapped notes and a few pieces of jewelry. It will hardly be spotted by someone and save your wrapped bucks.

18. Phillips Head Screwdriver Security Container - Diversion Safe Stash Safe


This small diversion safe is another good finding but for a little number of valuables. Great for garage and your car but you can simply lose it among car parts.

19. 11" Fire Extinguisher Security Container

11" Fire Extinguisher Security Container
  • Storage space measures approx. 5.5" x 2.75"
  • Features inner storage capsule which measures approx. 1" x...
  • Great for storing valuables
  • Unscrews from top and bottom

The safe is great if you have a lot of valuable. You can stuff it with passports, keys, jewelry, watches, credit cards, and other belongings but it also can be a good thing to steal as it is quite useful.

20. JB Engine Degreaser Hidden Diversion Can Safe Secret Storage Container

Gunk Engine Degreaser Diversion Safe
  • The diversion safes are a unique home-security product.
  • Valuables can be discreetly stored inside these look-a-like...
  • Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is...

The can is made from real life products and will perfectly suits other stuff in a garage. You can also keep it in your car. The safe has a lot of inner space for goods.

So, I would recommend you getting this exact diversion safe if you look for a reliable one for your garage or car.

Living room/bedroom

Living room and bedroom are the most popular places for thieves.

However, with the help of hidden safes that look like pieces of furniture or items that you can find in everyone’s house, you will not have to worry about your expensive belongings.

21. Southwest Specialty Products 60001S Book Diversion Safe

Southwest Specialty Products 60001S Book Diversion Safe, Title of Book May Vary
  • Made from Real, Genuine Books (Remove the "Undercover Book...
  • Open book to reveal a secret storage compartment
  • Hidden Compartment is 6 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches.
  • Perfect for home, office, school, travel, RV's, and boats
  • Hide your passports, currency, documents, jewelry, account...

The book will hardly tell a thief that your valuables are inside.

The secret compartment inside provides enough room for jewelry, credit cards, and money.

However, thieves know that some people keep notes in books, so this diversion safe can become a lucky spot for someone who broke into your house. The book does not have a lock.

22. 3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller Diversion Safe

3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller Diversion Safe
  • Looks and feels like the real thing!
  • Is actually a functional lint roller as well as a diversion...
  • Secret compartment for hiding valuables

This functional lint roller has a hidden compartment inside and is not good for house only but will fit in your bag.

23. Hanger Hideaway Diversion Safe - Hidden Clothes Hanger Pouch


An amazing secret place for your valuables has a big pocket for documents like passports.

You can keep it in your house and take with you during travels.

24. Battery Shaped Safe Secret Stash Diversion Pill Box Case Container


A good and simple container will perfectly blend in with other household stuff but it does not provide much room for goods.

You can store pills and some jewelry but that is it. Unfortunately, a battery can become a useful thing for a greedy thief.

25. Southwest Specialty Products 80001S Candle Safe

Southwest Specialty Products 80001S Fossil Candle Safe, Burgundy
  • Made from vegetable wax
  • Screw off bottom
  • Burgundy Color made from 100 percent vegetable wax
  • Burns for up to 20 hours
  • Conceal currency jewelry keepsakes

This real candle can burn up to 20 hours while protecting your valuables from burglars.

I can certainly call this product the winner out of the 5 diversion safes for a living room or bedroom because it fits any interior and will not attract attention especially if it has already been used.

The Rest of Our Top 25

This concludes our rating of the most popular and effective diversion safes. Choose one or a few and keep them in different rooms of your house and have no worries about valuable things.

They are all affordable and available to purchase on the Internet. If you are good at making stuff, you can try to make one of the diversion safes yourself and save money.

Keep your goods well hidden with the help of modern diversion safes.

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