Any precision shooter will attest that their worst enemy when using optics is “mirage.” Mirage is an effect that occurs when the heat waves roll off the hot barrel and create a shimmering mirage effect in front of the scope’s lenses.

Now, add to this the compounded effect of using a suppressor, which heats up to such temperatures, that apart from the shimmer put you in serious heat to body danger zone.

To state it simply, you end up scorching your arms, hands, and legs by touching the suppressor barrel unintentionally.

Well, there is a solution, and it’s not at all high-tech. In fact, it’s as simple as a tea-cozy.

All you do is wrap the suppressor barrel with heat resistant material and presto; you have a dual functioning heat resistant and heat protection wrap for your suppressor.

Now, I don’t expect you to go out and buy a strip of material and start covering and tying it around your suppressor; those days are far gone.

Today, you can get some very inexpensive yet high-quality and highly effective solutions, and they all perform exceptionally well in the field and at the range.

In this article, I present to you six of the best suppressor covers you can find on the market today.

1. Rifles Only MAD 6" Suppressor Cover

Rifles Only MAD 6" Suppressor Cover
  • Inner Core can take up to 3000 degrees
  • Changeable outer cover to fit environment or mode
  • Fits Supressors 6" in length
  • Fits suppressors 1.5" to 1.75" in diameter
  • Designed for Bolt guns - Not designed for semi/full auto...


The Rifles Only MAD Suppressor Cover is a high temperature versatile outer cover interchangeable accessory.


The MAD is made out of two parts, the cover, and the inner core.

The inner core withstands temperatures up to 3000oF, and the outer shell, being interchangeable, camouflages your weapon in any color you desire.

Essentially, the inner core is the hero of this product; it is made of braided fiberglass covered with a Kevlar/Nomex sleeve. The Nomex sleeve provides maximum thermal resistance to the heated core, however, if you try to perform 5 mag dumps one after the other on a semi-automatic you will melt the outer sleeve.

I doubt you will reach that need, and in most cases, a single mag is usually the demand for static fire rounds.

Key Characteristics

  • Braided Fiberglass core
  • Available in 5", 6", 7, 7.5", 8", 8.5", 9" and 10".
  • Fit suppressors from 1.3" up to 1.75"
  • Outer sleeve colors include Multicam, Kryptec Highland, and Coyote Brown, OD Green, Black, and Atacs.


If you are seeking a very reliable product that does not melt after the first rapid-fire mag dump, then this is the one for you. The color versatility of the sleeves makes this a perfect tool for just about any environment.

2. Burn-Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Medium

Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy
  • 1.5 diameter suppressors - 100% Fire Retardant Construction
  • Patented Suppressor Cover Design
  • Machine Washable! - Designed to not slide off while shooting
  • Extremely Light Weight and Low Profile
  • Dramatic Mirage, IR, and Heat Reduction


The BPG medium is a classic low fire suppressor cover that comes with a few options.


The BPG Medium Suppressor Wrap will protect you for temperatures up to 1200oF, and it the sleeve is made out of a proprietary mix of Kevlar and Nomex fabric with Kevlar bungee cords. This is a 100% fire retardant product and is also machine washable.

While the sleeve is rated for only 1200oF, there is an option to purchase an inner core made of braided fiberglass that provides 2000oF resistance, which is significant when combined with the outer sleeve.

This cover, when used for sniper shots, removes all mirage effects and will deliver a clean shot, as well as provide a comfortable barrel condition every time.

Key Characteristics

  • The BPG cover weighs 2.43 oz
  • It comes in 3 colors
  • BPG wrap will surround 1.5″ to 1.98” diameter suppressors


As a stand-alone sleeve without a core, it is perfect and light for those one shot sniper rounds. If you want to use it for more intense work, then consider adding the inner core to supplement the heat resistance. 

3. Burn-Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy

Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy (Black, 6.5)
  • Fits 1.5" Diameter Tubes
  • Patented Design
  • 100% Fire Retardant Construction
  • Extremely Light Weight and Low Profile
  • Dramatic Mirage, IR, and Heat Reduction


The BPG Heavy is similar to the medium buy comes with extra features for extra duty.


The BPG Heavy is a two-piece design that includes the braided fiberglass inner sleeve as well as the Kevlar and Nomex fabric outer sleeve that provides added camouflage and protection.

This model is made to fit all suppressor lengths with a 1.5” diameter, and the overall design features a ½” over the fit of the length. As such, the edges cinch over the suppressors front and back and provide a “No-Slip Fit.”

This model can withstand the heat from 150 rounds at full auto within a 15-minute period. It also supports the heat signatures of .223, 300 BLK, .308, 5.56 NATO, and 7.62 NATO rounds.

Key Characteristics

  • Outer diameter after installation with both sleeves does not exceed 1.75.”
  • The cover sizes range is between 6”to 9” in length
  • The gross weight is 3 ounces for a 12.5” length model.


This is the more comprehensive BPG model, and if you are into a little bit more than the odd shot, then settle for this one rather than the medium.

4. Cole-Tac HTP Suppressor Cover

HTP Suppressor Cover
  • Inner tube is woven fiberglass dipped in high-temp silicone
  • 1000D Cordura Nylon Shell
  • Adjustable straps to accommodate 1.375" to 1.625" in...
  • Made in the USA


The Cole-TAC, High-Temperature Python (HTP) Suppressor Cover is a three-layered system. It integrates a high temperature resistant inner core sleeve with a flame retardant outer sleeve that uses BOA® straps for fast and secure closure.


The Cole Tac HTG is one of the leading heat suppression covers around, and the unique combination of excellent inner core materials combined with the standard Kevlar/Nomex outer sleeve fabrics deliver perfect results every time you use your weapon.

To help speed things up as well as secure your outer sleeve quickly and efficiently, they use BOA® straps that are known never to change structure or grip even when introduced to extreme, heat.

Also, the BOA® system slowly changes its configuration over time, allowing for heat expression to engage the strap without damaging its performance.

This model comes with a lot of color options and is a perfect solution for hunters and snipers seeking that elusive, invisible suppressor. It also removes the mirage effect from overheating when used for suppressive fire.

The inner core sleeve resists temperatures up to 3000°F, the liner between the outer sleeve and the core is made of a heat-resistant Kevlar/Nomex fabric that resists temperatures up to 1800°F.

The outer sleeve is made of a rugged 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon. This makes it water and dust resistant and acts as a great outer barrier between the heated inner and middle layer and the conditions of its surroundings.

Key Characteristics

  • Three-layer suppressor Cover
  • BOA® straps
  • Very lightweight for the design, only 5.4 oz


If you want that elusive high-grade design that takes into account every aspect of hunting and sniping, as well as of tactical operations, then this is perhaps the leading design around.

5. SLNCO SCOAC1979 Scow Suppressor Cover


The SLNCO is a medium average silencer cover that is designed for small shot scenarios. It is the starting cover that beginners should start off with. The price is accordingly attractive.


When it comes to performance, the SLNCO is a very basic model and is not designed for rapid fire or mag flushes. This is a starter cover that delivers very basic results but is priced accordingly and it great as a training device.

The materials used are very basic, and it does provide up to 1000oF temperature resistance. However, if you go above this, you are in danger of a meltdown.

This cover reduces miraging for single shots in intermittent frequencies and protects you against burns from overheated suppressors. The design features a Kevlar/Nomex interior lining with an outer lining of 1000 denier Cordura.

The strap buckles are metal, and the system comes with adjustable straps. The whole package is water resistant, and the design allows for no-slip cinching.

The 6” model will cover Octane 9, Octane 45K, Saker 556, Specwar 556, Omega 300, Omega 45K, and Chimera 300
The 7.5” model fits Octane 45, Saker 762, Specwar 762, Harvester 300, and Hybrids.

Key Characteristics

  • Adjustable Straps
  • No-Slip Cinch Design
  • Cordura Nylon Exterior
  • Fade, Abrasion, Mildew Resistant


This is a great starter kit, try out on this model before moving up to the big league, the price is attractive too and is perfect for that lazy range and plinking days.

6. Magpul Suppressor Cover - 5.5"

Magpul Suppressor Cover 5.5-Inch Heat Shield, Medium Coyote Tan
  • Extreme temperature protection that mitigates internal...
  • Reduces thermal signature; Mitigates mirage effects in sight...
  • Two stainless steel clamps provide a strong, rigid and...
  • High temp polymer sleeve withstands brutal temperatures...
  • High strength corrosion resistant stainless steel heat...


The Magpul® Suppressor Cover 5.5” is a leader in rugged heat resistance. This is the suppressor all other suppressors want to be. It is a solid-state suppressor that surpasses in performance all other models.

It is the first product of its kind able to stand up to the extreme temperatures caused by extended strings of semiautomatic and automatic fire to protect the user and equipment against burns while also speeding up the cooling process?

Constructed of a heat-resistant polymer sleeve overlaid onto a raised stainless steel heat shield that mounts directly to the suppressor body with steel clamps, the Magpul Suppressor Cover - 5.5” minimizes heat transfer to keep external cover temperatures up to 1000 degrees F cooler than the surface of the suppressor and allows cooling airflow across the can.

Additionally, it serves as an enhanced thermal insulator and signature reduction device, significantly mitigating mirage distortions to the shooter’s sight picture, reducing the likelihood of impact damage to the suppressor body, and lessening the chance of accidental heat-related injury or damage to personnel or equipment during weapon firing and cool down.

Optimized for 1.5” outer diameter round suppressors with a body length of approximately 5.5” (not including attachment hardware / interface) such as the Surefire SOCOM556-RC2. Other lengths are in the works and are coming soon.


The Magpul Suppressor Cover - 5.5” is made of a solid heat-resistant polymer that is overlaid by a raised stainless-steel sleeve that acts as a heat shield. The vents are designed to allow for faster air cooling, and the part connects onto your suppressor with steel clamps.

The external cover receives 1000oF cooler heat than the suppressor surface temperature, and this act like a thermal insulator, where the heat signature is reduced radically reducing mirage effect.

The constantly cooling outer shell reduces the possibility of body surface damage.

The body is designed for 1.5” outer diameter round suppressors, and it comes with a net length of 5.5.”

Key Characteristics

  • Extreme temperature protection
  • Reduces thermal signature
  • Mitigates mirage effects
  • High strength corrosion resistant stainless-steel heat shield


This is a very good value for money accessory, and its unique design comes in stark contrast to all the others. Without the use of fabrics, you reduce the possibility of melting due to overheating.

The only downside is that the outer shell does heat up a lot when mag flushing is performed.


Suppressor covers are great accessories for hunters and snipers. Obviously you need a good suppressor to attach a suppressor cover over, so if you just bought a suppressor and felt the heat as well as saw the mirage, this is the ultimate tool to remove both those issues.

Prices do vary, but the rule of thumb is this, the higher the muzzle usage, the more intense a solution you will need, and don’t buy cheapo brands that come from unknown sources.

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