Talon Grips is a company popular for selling high-quality adhesive grips compatible with specific handguns, and they give the gun a professional look and traction. The Talon Snap Cleaning Kit is one of their latest products where the SNAP is not an acronym, but it refers to the quick attaching nature of the implements.

What is the Tallon Snap Cleaning Kit?

The Talon Snap cleaning kit is a compact, all-inclusive kit designed for cleaning your pistols that features a SNAP system that has been built around the pistol-length Quick Click cleaning rod and is made from glass-reinforced nylon. It also includes a T-shaped handle that ensures effortless rotation and also has a socket on the distal end that may initially look like a cleaning rod but is not threaded. Instead, the socket is meant to accommodate any of the three caliber sizes that the Talon company makes to come with the rod.

These implements easily click into place, and with a simple push of a low-profile rocker, they can be released, and they will lie in line with a rod. As a full kit, the system comes with a single brass-bristle brush and one spear-tip jag per caliber and also has a loop attachment for threading a patch.

TALON SNAP Cleaning System

The TALON SNAP Cleaning System is a go-to tool for most people, even with the market being flooded with gun cleaning supplies, and it's for a good reason. First, it is made of plastic parts, meaning it won't damage your pistol, and it also has tips that snap into the rod and remove them. You will have to press the slot and pull it out.

The Talon Cleaning Kit is available in three color-coded brushes, and the kit includes a Patented Quick Click Cleaning Rod, a patch loop and a jag with each set. The color codes symbolize:

  • BLUE signifies .380/.38/.357/900
  • GREEN-signifies .44/.45
  • RED-signifies .40/.41/10mm

Changing the tips is an easy process where you will need to press the slot and pull it out, then stick it in the next desired tip, and you are done. Notably, the rod includes an improved Jag Rotating "T" handle. Additionally, it packs a lifetime warranty on all items, excluding bore brushes which you will have to replace yourself.


1. Patented Quick-Click System

The Patented Quick-Click System is meant to make it easy to change between the calibers and tools, saving you money and time.

2. Color-coded brushes and jags

The color-coded brushed and the new jag design makes choosing the correct caliber easy and in a snap, and no reading glasses are required. If you have cleaned your barrel with a bore brush of the wrong caliber, then you know how vital the color-coded brushes are. The color code in each brush helps customers quickly identify the right tool for their firearm barrel.

The new jag design will remove any frustration of patches falling off inside the barrel where the jags are polymers, and they have a nice spear tip that captures the patches and pushes your patches through.

3. Durable Glass-Reinforced nylon cleaning rod

The Quick Click cleaning rod is made with durable glass-reinforced nylon that doesn't scratch or damage your barrel, and this will ensure it lasts you for years. The Quick Click cleaning rod is yellow, and the color makes it simple to find in a bag or a crowded safe and it has implements like blue for .380/9mm, red for .40/.41, and green for .44/.45 calibers. Unfortunately, these designations have stamped the stem for anyone who forgets but even when using a magnifying glass, and the tone-on-tone stamps can be hard to decipher.

4. Rotating "T" handle

The Rotating "T" handle ensures effortless rotation while following the grooves and lands of your pistol, and the oversized handle will make it impossible to bash your fingers while you are using the jags or pushing brushes through your barrel in the gun cleaning process.

The T-handle is a perfect length that will clean even the long barrel handguns. Also, the whole handle is made of polymer, meaning no metal will come in contact with your barrel, and it also turns freely, meaning when it is being run through a barrel, it will move with the rifling. This ensures you will never force the copper bristles of a brush across the grooves of your rifling.

Pros of the Tallon Snap Cleaning Kit

  • Straightforward rotation thanks to the Talon rotating handle
  • The T-shaped handle is oversized and thus will eliminate any possibility of smashed fingers
  • No reading glasses required as it's easy to choose the correct caliber
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts but the brushes
  • Great combo to gift someone or as your gift
  • It will save time as it's pretty easy to use
  • Made in the USA

Cons of the Tallon Snap Cleaning Kit

  • The Talon Grips cleaning inserts are not compatible with any barrel size.

How to Use the Talon Snap Cleaning Kit?

Take the T-shaped handle with the brush you want to use, where it will have a fitting end, and the fitted end goes down into the handle. The handle catches it and locks it into place, and there is a tab where it has a quick-release to it when you have captured the tool.

In addition, since it turns, when running it through a barrel, it will move with your rifling. Therefore, you can hold the barrel, and the tool will still rotate with the rifling, and you will not have to force the copper bristles of the brush against or across the grooves of your rifling. Pop it off when you are done using the brush, then take the jag, which works the same way. Put the jag on, then put on your patch, and you will be ready to go.

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