"HYSKORE®, a leading supplier of purpose built shooting sports accessories (http://www.hyskore.com), is pleased to introduce the Target Hound® item #30291 and the Target Hound Max® item #30290 portable target supports. The 30291 Target Hound® is designed for standard 18” width NRA IPSIC / IDPA targets. While your typical target support uses 1”x 2” dimensional lumber for its uprights, the Target Hound® has 6” deep sockets that can accommodate both 1”x2” furring and the ubiquitous 2”x 4” stud.

With the Hyskore® Target Hound® portable target support(http://hyskore.com/products/30291-target-hound/) systems any shooter with a safe place to shoot can set up their own range in a matter of minutes and then at the end of the shooting session pack up just as quickly. The ability to use both 1”x 2” and 2”x 4” lumber has several advantages. The 1”x 2” lumber is lightweight and is the convention for this type of target support. It is perfectly adequate for supporting paper targets on cardboard backers. 

The Target Hound® features 6” deep sockets to securely support the wood uprights. The Target Hound® target stand is constructed from heavy gauge welded steel with a durable OD Green powder coat finish. The Target Hound® features 19” long angle iron supports which can be anchored to the ground using standard 3/8” x 8” lag bolts. If it’s desired to make the base more stable in windy conditions the base is designed so that two 2”x 4”s (4’, 6’, or 8’ long) can be bolted to it to give increased wind resistance."

I use an outdoor range much of the year for evaluating new ammo. When doing this I need to take a target holder there to use at various distances.

The new TARGET HOUND® from Hyskore fits the need very well. When reduced to its basic parts, it's very easy to transport.  I've found it to be very stable and I've not had need to attach any additional "lumber" to the base but I do use a couple of spikes just to keep it in place in the event of wind gusts.

I really like the thought-through design that allows the use of 1"x2" or 2"x4" lumber. Many times I shoot from distances as close as 21' and with wooden supports, I don't have to be concerned about richochets.

I can always come up with enough scrap cardboard to use as the backing for my targets and that stabilizes the entire holder.

I recently used the TARGET HOUND® in evaluating several new pistol cartridges and it worked just as advertised.

Anyone looking for a sturdy target holder would do well to consider the TARGET HOUND®. To learn more about it and other Hyskore products, please visit http://www.hyskore.com

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