We know how important it is to carry a gun securely and for that reason we look for a holster that fits our gun and allows it to be  secure and easily concealed. What about comfort? I have found that if a gun can not be carried comfortably, it probably won't be carried at all.

Most holsters are made to be worn on a belt. Many women do not wear a belt or if they do, it's mainly a fashion accessory. Okay, I'll admit that most of this was learned by listening to my wife who complained that few if any holsters worked for her.

That "knowledge" started me on a quest for alternative methods of securing a concealed firearm for her.

I looked on the Internet to see just what was available and secured a number of different products. My wife, my son, my daughter-in-law and I set about to evaluate those products and here are our findings.

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The Grip Clip

"The Clip Grip(R) is designed to fit round butt "J" frame revolvers only. It's built of a glass reinforced engineering grade polymer that's almost as strong as aluminum. The sharply checkered panels allows for continuous gun control while shooting. The T07 allows the operator to tuck the revolver inside a boot or waistband when it's not feasible to use a holster. The Clip Grip can still be used with most holsters."


"The idea behind all our Clipdraw products is simple, yet effective: provide a secure holster-less concealed carry alternative to the traditional holster.  We deliver exactly what we promise while keeping our products at an economical price.

By utilizing Clipdraw you will have the slimmest possible profile for you IWB carry!  Can be used over or under your belt."

"Clipdraw will keep your gun securely in place inside your waistband but is ready to be drawn swiftly and easily when a situation arises.

All of our Clipdraws are manufactured in the USA to the Highest Quality with Spring Steel and finished with either Powder Coating, Black Oxiding or Nickel Plating.

Clipdraw is proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty and Full Money Back Guarantee on all products!"


"Are you tired of holsters that are bulky and bulgy? Are you ready for an amazingly comfortable and fast method for concealing your pistol? Then witness the Techna Clip for the Kahr® Models, a truly minimalist solution for those who carry concealed. It's a concealable gun clip that easily affixes to your sidearm to deliver a secure, lightweight and discreet carry option-without a holster. The Techna Clip installs quickly with not gunsmithing required to your firearm. Now you can stash your pistol in your pocket, on your waist, or even in the small of your back!

The Techna Clip comes with a fully machined replacement slide cover plate that is drilled and tapped ready to for attaching the Techna Clip to . The replacement cover plate can be left in place indefinitely, with or without the Techna clip attached. Extra screws and washers are included. The high quality Teflon coating prevents abrasion to the gun by providing a thin but highly durable cushion between the Techna Clip and the slide. The Techna Clip comes in (black) and fits all Kahr® .9MM .40 models except for the Kahr .45 & 380 models.

INSTRUCTIONS & MATERIAL: Made of High Carbon Spring Steel. To install, following the instruction in your Kahr® Owner’s Manual to remove the slide from the frame of the gun, then separate the barrel and recoil spring assembly from the slide. Following the instructions provided with your Techna Clip, remove the slide cover plate located on the rear of the slide. Install the drilled and tapped slide cover plate provided with your Techna Clip. Mount the Techna Clip on the right side of the slide with the screws and allen key provided.

Why buy a Techna Clip? Our products help you eliminate the bulk and printing of your daily conceal-carry device. Say goodbye to your bulky holsters that add unnecessary weight and discomfort. Concealed carry on the go with our easy “Clip it & Go” system!"

There are other brands but by and large, these represent the styles of what is available. I have installed these "devices" on a S&W 342PD .38 special revolver, a Kahr PM45 .45 ACP Pistol, 2 Kakr CW .380s, a Kahr CW 9mm pistol and 2 Ruger LCP Custom .380 pistols.

Over the last couple of months, my son, his wife, my wife and I have carried these guns using the clips, daily with various forms of dress and under many different conditions. So, what's the verdict?

All of the "clips" work. The universal clips took some adjusting on the .380s to get them in the best position for retention and to be able to draw easily. Fortunately, they come with several adhesive strips and only took a couple of times to get them just right.

The TechnaClips, used on the 2 Rugers (one left and one right hand model), the Kahr .45 and 9mm, were perfectly positioned from the beginning and worked great.

Unfortunately, the results with the S&W 342PD and the Grip Clip were not so good. We were not able to get it to work as comfortably, get the retention we were looking for, or be able to draw it as effectively, as with the others.

Please note that none of the clips were as easy to put on as a good holster for the male participants in the evaluation. It took some practice and after some aggravating experiences, we were able to get better at it however.

We experienced one quality issue with one of the universal Clipdraw clips. One of the holes in the clip had not been "cleaned-up" and did not allow a flush mount with the mounting plate. Subsequently, the mounting screw would not seat fully. That did not really affect the function but not something that you'd like to see.

We found that a clip can be another way to carry, add little if anything in the way of bulk to your gun and they do not prohibit the use of a holster.

Lastly, if you want to try one or more of these clips, shop around. Prices can vary pretty widely.

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About the Author Anton Scharff

Anton is a hunting expert who respects nature. Ask him anything about large game. Lover of the great outdoors.

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