Hunters and sport shooters alike can agree that shotguns are such incredible and versatile pieces. You can use a shotgun for small game such as ducks and squirrels largely because shooting many small pellets gives you better chances of hitting small targets than using a single bullet. More than anything, you'll need a choke tube, like the 660 choke tube, to hunt delicate animals; a bullet will probably damage and destroy what you've worked so hard to harvest.

Choke tubes are placed at the end of the barrel and are specially designed to change the pattern of the shot released, increasing the firing distance or accuracy. There are several unique types of choke tubes used to serve different purposes. In addition, different chokes are often designed to work best with certain types of ammunition and for specific kinds of game.

This means that as a hunter, changing the choke tube makes your gun more specialized for specific hunts. Specialized features on the choke tubes make them suitable for specific types of shots; these include steel shots and tungsten. For instance, turkey hunting will require a different shot pattern and distance from dove hunting.

Primos Hunting TightWad Turkey Choke 660 Tube
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What Are The Major Types of Choke Tubes?

A) Cylinder Choke

Doesn't come with any constriction, which means it has flight patterns that are the most open. At 40 yards, it distributes approximately 40% of the total shell's pellets in a 30-inch circle. It's primarily used for service shotguns in law enforcement.

B) Improved Cylinder Choke

It comes even less constricted than the modified choke, and at 40 yards, it distributes approximately 50% of the shell's total pellets in a 30-inch circle. This is a good choice for hunters who are planning to shoot waterfowl close over decoys or do the close-quarters upland birds such as grouse or quail. Rifled slugs also perform well with this specific choke.

C) Modified Choke

This is a mid-range choke with more constriction but still less than a full choke. It's most effective at 30-40-yards, giving hunters coverage at short to mid-ranges for approximately 60% of the shell's total pellets in a 30-inch circle. It's a great pick for trap shooting or general waterfowl hunting and upland game such as rabbits and pheasants.

D) Full Choke

Comes with a tight constriction for significantly more accuracy and dense patterns. At 40 yards, it gives approximately 70% of the shell's total pellets in a 30-inch circle. It's best used for trap shooting, turkey hunting, waterfowl pass shooting, and buckshot loads, primarily at longer distances. It's effective at short ranges but may not pattern so well at close range.

E) Super-full/Extra-full Choke

A.k.a, the 'gobbler getter,' is ideally suited for the headshots which may be necessary for turkey hunting. It comes in an extra-tight constriction with the densest of patterns.

F) Skeet Choke

At 25 yards, this specific one distributes approximately 50% of the shell's total pellets in a 30-inch circle. It's designed to deliver an optimum pattern for close-range skeet shooting.


On shot size, larger pellets (the no. 4's) carry more energy downrange but they don't pattern so well often since they clash while coming out of the choke, thereby scattering. Smaller pellets, on the other hand, pattern better but are affected more by the cover, e.g., twigs and vegetation, that's between you and your aim.

What Are the Key Features of the Primos Tightwad Turkey 660 Choke Tube?

  • 12 gauge Remington Rem-choke
  • Extended Turkey choke tube
  • Compatible with a handgun, shotgun, or rifle
  • Made from 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel to be able to withstand heavy buffered turkey shotshells
  • Choke tubes that produce extra tight patterns with the copper-plated and buffered lead turkey shotshells
  • The high-quality steel construction and tight tolerances will always provide dependable service with a lifetime of service to the owner
  • Chokes produce dense patterns at extended ranges
  • High-quality heat-treated stainless steel and tight tolerances ensure the best possible patterns in your shotgun
  • Ported to reduce the recoil
  • Knurled end extending beyond the end of the barrel for the easy installation and removal
  • Copper-plated lead, with HEVI-SHOT
  • Every verified purchase gives you a choke tube that is CNC milled from chrome alloy steel
  • Incredible accuracy shots
  • Easy installation and removal requiring no tools

You should know that:

  • This choke brand is not designed to fit in the Savage Renegauge shotgun
  • These choke tubes are not designed to do a steel shot

What Are Some 660 Choke Tube Pro Tips You Could Use?

  • The gun you're using should shoot while maintaining an adequate pellet density.
  • Shooting lead will require a choke with a .054-.069 difference from your Mossberg's bore diameter (that's roughly .721-.706). This is equivalent to a .660-.675 constriction in the standard bore
  • If you're planning to use the heavier quantity, heavier than lead, non-toxic shots, then you shouldn't be going for anything tighter than .721
  • Typically, a smaller shot performs better through tighter choke tubes; however, a larger shot will often do well through the slightly more open constrictions
  • Like with everything else, you'll probably have to experiment with several choke tubes before finding the perfect combination that can put at least 100 pellets in your 10-inch circle at the turkey killing ranges. All that work will be definitely worthwhile when you're loading your 835's barrel and so confident that you'll make the shot
  •  The standard factory 12-gauge barrel measures roughly .724 inches
  • Many of the sellers sell popular turkey guns with .665 constriction chokes, which shoot no. 5 or 6 lead shots
  • The super-tight turkey chokes, such as those with the .660 constrictions, usually shoot the small shots, such as no. 6, best
  • Chokes that have larger constrictions, such as the .680, usually work best with larger shots, either no. 4 or 5 or in shotguns that comes with back-bored barrels

Notable mentions of other similar products include:

a) Carlson's 12Ga Rem-Choke Extended Turkey .660" Choke Tube

Primos Hunting TightWad Turkey Choke 660 Tube
  • Brand New! Shotgun Choke Tube For Your Favorite Gun!

b) Carlson’s Longbeard XR

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  • Features shot-look technology that allows for the tightest...
  • Has a 25% longer Parallel section, thus throwing tighter and...
  • Triple shot technology reduces pellet deformation, shortened...

c) Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike

Indian Creek Black Diamond Choke Tube 12 ga. All Remington .665
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d) Mossberg Ulti-Full

CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge for Mossberg M835-M935 [ Extra-Full | 0.710 Diameter ] Stainless...
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  • HIGH-QUALITY MANUFACTURED: Our high quality Flush Mount...
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  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We back all of our choke tubes with our...
  • MADE IN THE USA: All our Carlson's Choke Tubes are made,...

e) Primos Jelly Head Maximum

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