November 15, 2021
Walker's Ultimate Power Muff, Black
  • Two Hi Gain Omni Directional Microphones with Low...
  • Independent Volume Control and Independent Adjustable...
  • Compact Folding Design, Comfort headband w/metal wire frame...
  • Sound dampening composite housing, NRR 26dB and Sound...
  • Recessed Volume/AFT Control Knobs, External Battery Door and...

"Walker's Game Ear, the leader in hearing protection and enhancement announces the new Alpha. The Alpha incorporates highly advanced technology providing you with unsurpassed sound quality, excellent speech clarity, superior hearing, and sound enhancement in an electronic shooting muff. The Alpha has a noise reduction rating of 24 dB that helps protect your hearing from sudden or sustained loud sounds. Additionally, the electronic sound activated compression circuitry provides an additional layer of protection. Your hearing will be protected from harmful loud sounds by reducing the amplification of those sounds to a safe level. The Alpha amplifies sound up to 5x your normal hearing with two microphones, providing improved sound quality. The two independent volume controls allow for total adjustment of the four wind resistant high frequency microphones, making it easy to identify sounds and direction. The Alpha has an adjustable, independent headband. The ear pads are constructed from Special Butyl Rubber which stays soft and pliable and maintains the perfect acoustic seal. The Alpha features an additional hinge point that allows the muffs to move as the head moves while the concave cheek relief won't interfere when shouldering a gun."

  • 2 wind resistant, high frequency, stereo microphones for precise sound directionality
  • 5x hearing enhancement with power - 50 dB
  • 2-independent volume controls
  • Sound activated compression (SAC)
  • Anti-microbial ear pads
  • Noise reducing rating, NRR 24 dB
  • Power source 2 Energizer AAA batteries (included)

Over the years, I've tried a number of different devices to protect my hearing. I've had custom ear plugs made by specialists and tried the do-it-yourself kits. I've also gone through who knows how many foam plugs. For the last few years, I've been using some good muffs in addition to one kind of ear plug or another. Unfortunately, most of the muffs I've used when shooting "long guns" also block out normal conversation, so I end up putting them on and taking them off many times while I'm at the range or at a shooting event.

I wanted to try some electronic muffs that I could leave on at the range while shooting and while in normal conversation with my fellow shooters. I have an excellent pair for use with handguns but I needed a pair that would work when shooting my shotguns and rifles.

It's pretty easy to do some basic research on the Internet. You can look at various brands and models, review their features and benefits and compare prices. I also took the added step of conferring with some shooters that I've know for years to see if they had experience with electronic muffs. Some did but surprisingly, most did not.

After spending several hours of research, I had narrowed my choices to 2 different brands and 3 different models. I decided to try all 3 models to see which one would best suit my needs. Those needs were, protect my hearing by reducing loud noises to an acceptable level, allow me to hear normal conversation and "shut down" when sudden loud noises occurred and be comfortable so that I would really wear them.

Both brands and all 3 models had features that I liked. They all fit comfortably and all, with the electronics shut down, really protected my ears from loud noises. All seemed to shut down quickly when I clapped my hands or even snapped my fingers. All also enhanced my hearing so that I could hear sounds much more acutely than with my normal hearing alone.

I did have a bit of a struggle with a feature of 2 of the models had and the 3rd did not. Two of the muffs folded into a very compact unit. The remaining muffs did not fold. How much of a benefit was the folding feature? In the end, it became unimportant to me and I liked the clean lines of the non-folding muffs, the Walker's Game Ear Alpha Muffs. Even without the folding feature, they are quite compact and easily stowable in my shooting bag.

The Alpha Muffs are available in several different exterior colors and finishes, even a camo model that would be very nice for turkey hunting.

It's just so important to protect our hearing. Once it's gone, it's gone and all that can be done then is to enhance what's left. It's much better to protect it while we have it and the Walker's Game Ear Alpha Muffs are a very comfortable and convenient way to do that. I'll still wear some ear plugs with them but now I won't have to remove my muffs to hear range commands or normal conversation.

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